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Techniques In Shoulder Surgery

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I am Dr. Vikas Gupta, Orthopedist, Max Hospital Saket (Smart Super Speciality). Today we will talk about new techniques in shoulder surgery. Shoulder arthroscopy is something which has come up in last decade. It is a minimally invasive technique to treat shoulder elements. So, shoulder instability and rotator cuff injury are treated by this surgery. Instability happens after shoulder dislocation. But is shoulder dislocation is happening multiple times, it requires surgery. Before surgery we do MRI.

Through small incision, we go inside and see through the telescope to perform the surgery. After surgery, we ask the patient to undergo physiotherapy and gain back all the movements possible by good rehabilitation. Rotator cuff injury gives instability to the joint. Usually, it happens because of trauma and degenerative condition because of old age. Hospital stay for this surgery is only for a day or 2. During the surgery the blood loss is minimal. Less painful surgeries because of only small incisions.

Patient can start exercising after a day or 2 of the surgery. Result of this surgery is more predictable and much conventional compared to open surgery. Sometimes, surgery is not possible with minimally invasive surgery then only we go and do the open surgery. One of the major advantages of this surgery is small scars which are usually is not visible. They are cosmetically much better than open surgery. Open surgeries are becoming rare day by day. Whenever you have such kind of elements, you should ask doctor to perform surgery by minimally invasive techniques.

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