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Stroke Warning Signs And Symptoms

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I am Dr. Vivek Kumar, working as director neurology at Max Hospital Parparganj and Vaishali. Friends, today I want to discuss some important facts of about brain stroke. Do you know that brain stroke is the second leading cause of death in India and the most common cause of lifelong disability. Every 6 seconds, someone died due to brain stroke. In India, more than 15 lakh people suffered from brain stroke and almost as high as 6 lakh do not survive or develop lifelong disability. But the good thing is that the treatment options are there and we can treat the patient, we can save life and salvage or prevent disability, So, it is important to know what is brain stroke. Brain stroke are of 2 types.

Number: 1 is known as ischemic stroke which is due to blockage of an artery supplying to an area of brain. As a result, the area of brain doesn't receive any oxygen or nutrients. And starts to die. And ultimately develops an infa. 85% of brains strokes because of ischemic stroke. The second commonest cause is brain hemorrhage in which the artery supplying to an area of brain gets ruptured. It is known as brain hemorrhage and it affects around 15% of patients. But how to identify stroke. What are the symptoms of brain stroke? There are 5 ways in which a brain stroke patient can present. Number: 1, sudden weakness or numbness on one part of the body. Sudden weakness or numbness of face, arms or leg of one side.

Number: 2, sudden speech disturbance. Sudden inability to speak, sudden difficulty in word generation. Sudden inability to understand. So, a person may appear confused and he will not be able to speak or understand what has been asked to him. So, this is the second commonest representation.

Third, sudden inability to see from one or both the eyes.

Number: 4, sudden disturbance in balance. Sudden walking difficulty. Acahanak kisiko chalne me dikkat ho jana. Balance banne me dikkat hojana. Ye bhi brain stroke ka symptom ho skta hai. What is the fifth commonest presentation? That is sudden unexplained headache. Achanak sir dard ho jiska koi bhi karan pehle kbhi koi sir dard na hua ho. Vo bhi brain stroke ki vjha se ho skta hai. To ye 5 main symptoms hote hain jis trha se brain stroke present kr skta hai, jisko identify krna chaiye. Agar kisiko brain stroke hua ye 5 symptoms me se kisi ek symptom hota hai to hume kya krna chaiye? Now stroke is an emergency. If an artery gets blocked, every minute millions of cells died. And later the treatment started, the more cell death happen. Therefore, it is an emergency. Time is brain. So earlier the treatment, better the is the outcome. So, what are the treatment options? Now there is the treatment known as clot busting treatment which is know as thrombolytic therapy. which can be started in the first four and a half hours.

Kisiko abhi agar brain stroke hua hai, agar pehle saade chaar ghante k andar vo hospital phuchta hai, aise center me jhan pe stroke care ki facility available hai, to vhan pe CT krane k baad agar brain me koi leakage of blood nhi hai, brain hemorrhage nhi hai to aise patients me jisko hum ischemic stroke kehte hain, aise patients ko thrombolytic treatment se thik kia ja skta hai. Ye treatment hum 4.5 hours ke andar dete hain. Or jitna jldi ye dia ja ske, aisa nhi hai ki 4.5 ghante ka cut off hai to vo 4.5 ghante me jisko bhi hum ye treatment denge, usko fayda jyada hoga. Jitni jldi ye treatment dia jayega, utne kum cells dead honge. Or utna better outcome hoga.

To ye ek sabse aasaan or acha treatment available hai or hum isko de skte hain. Dusra treatment hai jisko hum mechanical thrombectomy kehte hain, joki 6 ghante k andar dia ja skta hai. Jiske taar dwara pehle angiography kia jata hai. Konsi artery kis jgha pe blockage hai, vo dekha jata hai. Or us jgha se clot ko extract kr lia jata hai ek retrievable stand dwara. Isko hum mechanical thrombectomy kehte hain. Jisme best result jitni jldi kia ja ske us se better response ata hai. Pehle 6 ghante k andar sabse acha response aata hai. Lekin kuch selected patients ko MRI ya CT profusion dwara select kr ke hum 24 ghante k andar ye illaj kr skte hain. Now if you want to know in detail, what is brain stroke, what is the best way in which we can treat patients of brain stroke. You can come over and discuss in detail about what is brain stroke, how we can fight successfully with this life threatening disease.

Thank You.

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