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Sore Throat - 7 Effective Home Remedies for it!

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Sore Throat - 7 Effective Home Remedies for it!

Sore throat can have many kinds of manifestations and the extent of soreness varies as well. Homeopathy offers multiple remedies for the varying degrees of an inflamed throat. These are some of the best homeopathic drugs in accordance with their symptoms:

  1. Aconitum: This medicine should be taken at the early onset of a sore throat. When there is redness of the throat and in addition to it swelling and burning, this can be the ideal remedy.
  2. Apis: This medicine is advisable when children have inflamed, red throat along with tonsils which become swollen with the consumption of hot food and beverages. In such instances, the child can’t swallow without experiencing recurring pain. The inflamed outer and inner throats are accompanied by a feeling of something being stuck in the throat due to an enlarged uvula.
  3. Belladonna: Acute tonsillitis is best treated with belladonna. Preferably it should be used at the onset of a sore throat. The tonsils appear scarlet red. Even though swallowing is painful, there is a desire to do so nevertheless. The throat feels constricted. In such cases the extremities are very cold despite the head feeling hot.
  4. Arsenicum: This is again a wonder drug for children experiencing pain in the larynx that is relieved when hot drinks and food are consumed, and worsened by any cold edibles. The right side of the throat generally experiences greater pain. This pain is accompanied by a dry mouth and an increased thirst.
  5. Ferrum Phos: This is an effective remedy for nonviolent and acute tonsillitis. The pain is often bearable and the onset of the inflammation is gradual. Swallowing often becomes difficult and leads to pain whereas cold brings relief to the throat.
  6. Lachesis: This drug is usually prescribed when the child has throat pain on the left side. The right gland of the throat is less swollen than the left. There is also a constant tickling sensation. The throat becomes extra sensitive to any kind of touch or pressure and these children hence dislike wearing tight clothing and collars.
  7. Hepar Sulph: This medicine is advisable for children when they start experiencing a sore throat right after they have been out in the cold, for way too long. The tonsils swell up and there is a constant throbbing pain. This pain tends to fluctuate and it also radiates to the ears when the child swallows. Some relief is experienced when consuming hot drinks. These children tend to be highly irritable. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Homeopath.
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