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Sonali Bendre Diagnosed With High-Grade Cancer- A Silent Invader!

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Sonali Bendre Diagnosed With High-Grade Cancer- A Silent Invader!

A shocking revelation that has left all of us deeply saddened - Sonali Bendre, one of the renowned actresses of the B-town recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with high-grade cancer. It was further updated that she is at present undergoing a cancer treatment in New York. No wonder, with the type of lifestyle that most of us are leading nowadays, cancer is fast turning into a new epidemic, with more and more people getting affected by it.

Know what is a High-grade cancer

A high-grade cancer is where the growth of the cells is abnormally fast and spreads quickly. Such cases of cancer require an aggressive and immediate treatment plan.

How cancer treatment differs on the basis of grade

The grade of cancer along with the age of the patient and the current state of health enables the doctor to decide upon the treatment plan.

What is Metastasis?

It is the process wherein, the malignant growth develops at a distance from the original site of the tumor. It develops when the cancerous cells break away from main tumour, enter the bloodstream or lymphatic system and spreads throughout the body. Metastasis is also known by different names, such as stage 4 cancer or advanced cancer. Further, any type of cancer can turn into metastasized stage based on its type and how fast growing it is.

Common cancer symptoms

  1. Change in bowel movement
  2. Blood in urine or stool
  3. Unexplained lumps in the body
  4. Delayed healing of sores
  5. Change in skin condition

Actress Sonali Bendre’s case is a warning sign for people as to why it’s time to stop playing with your health and stay focused on prevention rather than cure. Regular preventive health check-ups are the best way to lead a healthy life. Let's make the most of it and consult your doctor every six months.

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