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Slowing Down - Can It Help Us In Our Life?

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Slowing Down - Can It Help Us In Our Life?

The pressing urge to do loads in a short span of time, to plan living in a day, to see dreams unfurl into reality at the slightest of efforts inundates millions across the world. It is neither about the goals one set before oneself nor about rational expectations arising from the awareness of one's capabilities. The problem runs deeper. Happiness and health are two elemental factors discerning the quality of your life. Happiness is directly proportional to your personal health. Neglecting one will affect the other. The best way to cope in the given situation is to take a detour from the overriding rat race. While others are in a hurry, you must slow down and care to nurture your mind and body.

Take a look at the benefits of slowing down:-

1. It will give you ample time to interact- Moving out of your comfort zone in order to exchange ideas with colleagues or friends plays an eminent role in shaping your personality. Interaction provides a person with food for thought. Therefore slowing down a little will encourage a free flow of countless ideas.

2. It will encourage you to pursue a hobby- Hobbies keep you alive. You should take out time to pursue an interest. This is a tried and tested way of rekindling happiness in one's life.

3. It will make you attentive towards others- A fast life shelters you within its clutches. You fail to take note of the changes in and around you. Going slow will let you take care of your loved ones.

4. It will enable you to see your inimitability- Once you slow down, you'll find time to introspect and retrospect as well. A person can come to realize how unique he or she is in this vast scope of things.

5. It will improve your sex life- Dopamine is the chief chemical that regulates a person's sexual desires. Increased levels of stress can hamper the production of dopamine-making you lax about sex. Taking an easy pace can add zing to your sex life.

6. It will keep your heart healthy- Being overly hyper about delay subjects you to the risk of heart diseases. You should never be frantic about plans; this can lead to high blood pressure or can even cause severe harm to your heart health.

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