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Sexually Aroused - Can It Enlarge Your Breasts?

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Sexually Aroused - Can It Enlarge Your Breasts?

When you are feeling arousal, it is an experience for your whole body and is not just limited to the vagina, which gets stimulated and blood flow is improved. Charged-Up sex can even get your follicles stimulated and it is no surprise that the breasts are also going to be affected with sexual arousal and the act of intercourse. 

Most women enjoy the stimulation of the breasts as they form an important erogenous zone of the female anatomy. But, enjoyment depends upon the way in which they are stimulated. Also, there are times when the breasts are tender and an attempt to stimulate them causes pain. This usually occurs premenstrually, during pregnancy and in women using oral contraceptive pills, when the breasts are engorged due to hormonal influence. 

Hence, it is best to ask the partner whether “to do or not to do”. Though most people are aware that the nipples get hardened during sexual arousal, it is not really the end of the game. With the rush of blood all over your body, most of which is directed towards your vagina, your boobs are bound to get adequate attention. 

So, here are a few things that happen to your breasts when you feel sexual arousal. 

  1. Breasts become more sensitive: Once sexual arousal starts to kick in, your breasts would become more tender and sensitive to touch. It is not just the nipples, but the areola and the breast as a whole are bound to experience goose-bumps.
  2. Breasts become much bigger: From the time you feel sexual arousal till the time when you finish the intercourse, the body goes through four different phases namely excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. During the plateau phase, the body expands and swells, expecting an orgasm. While the vagina expands to about 2/3rd of its usual size, the boobs may also get bigger by 20 to 25 percent of their usual size.
  3. Areola swells: It is not just the boobs that increase in size, but the areola also experiences some swelling. This is due to your breasts becoming engorged with a rich flow of blood. In some instances, the areola may swell so much that it may appear that the nipples are no longer erect. As long as you are sexually aroused, your nipples are going to be that way.
  4. Breasts tell the brain to release oxytocin: When your breasts are fondled, either by hand or mouth, the stimulation of the nipples sends a signal to the brain, asking it to release oxytocin. Oxytocin also called love hormone, allows people to feel pleasured and it is the primary component that creates an emotional bond during intercourse.
  5. Breasts change in color: The combination of the rushing of estrogen all over the body as well as the stimulation of blood vessels, can cause a pink rash on the breasts, which may spread to your upper stomach and neck and slight enlargement of breasts is going to be there.

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