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Sex During Pregnancy - Do's And Dont's Of It!

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Sex During Pregnancy - Do's And Dont's Of It!

One of the most common queries faced by doctors dealing with pregnancies is related to the risks associated with having sex during the gestation and post partum periods. Such doubts arise from both genuine concern and also from several superstitions and myths. As a matter of fact, having sex during pregnancy is perfectly normal and safe. However, keeping in mind the changes the woman is going through there are a few specific do's and don'ts you need to follow while having sex during pregnancy.


1. Be aware
Pay attention to the doctor's evaluation of the expecting mother's condition. Many pregnancy risks can be predicted at an early stage. Abstain in case of predictions pointing to a risky gestation period and/ or delivery. Get yourself tested regularly, so that there is no possibility of transmitting infections to the expecting mother.

2. Enjoy foreplay
Pregnancy normally results in increased sensation in the erotogenic zones. Foreplay is a great way to relieve a woman's tension and she will enjoy your touch more than ever.

3. Pay attention to your partner's needs and reactions.

4. Women have to go through a lot during pregnancy like fatigue all the time, along with sudden nausea and extreme mood swings. So, paying more attention to your partner's needs and reactions will help make the act more enjoyable for both of you.


1. Don't go for multiple partners
Multiple partners increase the risk of infections. It is not advisable to have sex with multiple partners during this time.

2. Don't Use sex toys
Use of sex toys during pregnancy is discouraged as it increases the risk of infections.

3. Don't Try risky positions and maneuvers
Please keep your desires for exotic positions in check. Risque behavior can lead to injuries.

4. Don't Keep yourself ahead of her
It is perfect idiocy to keep your desires ahead of the needs and desires of the love of your life. By putting yourself ahead of her you will not negatively affect her mental health.

5. Do not mix drugs with intimacy
Use of intoxicants during her pregnancy to enhance your senses will put the healthy growth and delivery of the child in jeopardy. A number of birth defects in children are the results of substance use during pregnancy.

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