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Serious Effects Drugs Have On Sexual Health!

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Serious Effects Drugs Have On Sexual Health!

There are various drugs available in the market today that claim to help in boosting up the sexual drive that partners crave during their intimacy. However, many may not be aware that some drugs can actually take a serious toll on your sex life.

Popping a pill or two may be an easy job but getting over the ill effects it has on your sex life may not be that easy. Various studies have established a strong connection between drugs and sex, pointing the former having various serious bad effects on the later. Continue reading to know more about how drugs hamper the sex life.

  1. Drugs decrease sexual desire: Use of drugs often increases depression levels, anxiety, and stress. And continuously suffering from anxiety and stress, or feelings of aloofness lead to decreased sexual desire or libido. As drugs also interfere with the production of sex hormones and the balance between them, lack of sexual desire becomes obvious. Sometimes, developing abnormal sexual desires is also a result of drug use.
  2. It leads to health issues disrupting sex life: Drugs not only directly affect the sex life but also indirectly affects it. Long-term use of drugs often gives rise to serious health issues due to which one fails to perform or engage in sexual activities. From failure to feeling turned on, to reaching an orgasm or holding onto sexual excitement for long or achieving an erection, the ways in which drugs interrupt and trouble one’s sex life is various.
  3. Makes one feel easily exhausted: Various research and studies have proved that those who take drugs become easily exhausted during sexual activities compared to those who do not take drugs. Though initially, some drugs tend to boost up the performance levels, the after-effects, in the long run, can be harmful.
  4. Paves the path for anxiety, troubled behaviourThose who are addicted to drugs or take drugs on a regular basis, end up spending a major portion of their daily life in the search and use of them. Continuous use of drugs like narcotic analgesics, alcohol, stimulants, nicotine etc., can end up showing changes in behaviours where the drug user tends to become more violent, aggressive and impatient. Sometimes drug use also leads to psychological problems. And as a result of the temperamental, behavioural, emotional and psychological changes, it is the sex life that suffers.

In case you have noticed and are worried about your drug use to pose a serious threat to your sex life, make it a point to consult with a sexologist as he may help you better deal with the issues through necessary therapies and treatments. After all, sex is a natural part of a healthy life and a way of procreation; disruption of which can put both in great jeopardy.

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