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Psychologist, Delhi  •  19years experience
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Hi everybody,

I am doctor Nabhit Kapoor. I am the founder and president of Peaceful Mind Foundation and Global Youth Mental Health Forum. Today's video I am going to speak about is the term psychologist and self diagnosis. Two things which are hampering our society and this profession a lot. And especially the professionals who are actually willing to work in this field. I have been coming across people who are claiming to be psychologist are behavioural science expert or mental health professionals and when we get in depth of these people they are either from engineering background, all teachers who have taught chemistry and Bio or somebody who has just a motivational speaker.

They start calling themselves a psychologist are mental health professionals which is a think quite illegal and because of this people are getting wrong direction into the field. Your experiences might count but the professionals who are actually working hard earning degrees and experience and expert is into this field. They are automatically ruled out because of these people who are having these self claimed experiences and because of these self claim experiences these people who are working actually into the field are not ready to come forward and help people in the right direction.

Another thing which we are facing these days are self diagnosis. tThe major cause of self diagnosis is we type a symptoms and we go on Google we get to know our problem as the word depression, stress, anxiety are so loosely used these days everybody is getting depressed and anxious having a stressful day in and day out. We should know the meaning of these professions. We should know the clear meaning of these terms because these terms are not to be very loosely used but what we are doing? So condition in the society today that we are not willing to go to a clear professional and secondly.

We are not able to understand the clear meaning of these terms. Let's take for an example depression which is a stability sadness of a person but the person calls it as a depression many more such things are coming in the mental health profession and mental health field which are not actually related to the psychology but people are actually using it on the name of psychology and because of this the field is getting the bad name and many such professionals who are self claimed ones are moving ahead and the real professionals are going at the back seat.

What I heard from you today is whenever you are feeling conflicted you feel sad you feel some where you are stuck please refer to a psychologist and an authentic psychologist go and have a clear background check of the person because the psychologist will actually deal with your psyche. Because when we are dealing directly with human beings we are directly dealing with their psyche and their minds and as and when we tune your brain. We tune your psyche the person will move towards that direction so I ask please go to the authentic psychologist do not refer to search x y z lemon who you know or who gives advises who give suggestions because they are not psychologist please respect this field and please respect the profession. 


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