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Running Vs Walking - Which Is Better?

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Dr. Col V C Goyal 94% (10905 ratings)
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Running Vs Walking - Which Is Better?

Walking is a low intense cardio exercise that is suitable for all age groups. For people with bone problems and back pain, walking is the perfect exercise. It is less stressful on the body and has similar benefits to running or jogging.

So if you are looking for reasons to jump on the bandwagon of walking as an exercise, here are a few:

  1. Good for the Heart: Running puts some amount of stress on your heart muscles, but does not seem to reduce the chances of premature death; whereas walking at a brisk pace puts less stress on the heart and considerably reduces the risk of premature death. Running may also cause inflammation in the muscles of the heart and increases free radicals in the body.
  2. Increases immunity: Walking has a beneficial effect on the immune system of the body vis-a-vis running. Running may induce conditions in the body which allow various bacterial infections like cold. You end up falling sick more often, if you run.
  3. Helps in weight lossWalking is a steady state exercise resulting in moderate level of heart rate. Moderate heart rate sustained for 45-60 minutes is advised to lose fat. Running tends to raise the heart rate to drastic levels which cannot be sustained for long, thus leading to reduced fat loss.
  4. Stress on the joints: Running is a vigorous activity that places a lot of stress on the knee joints and the lower back. If you have conditions such as osteoarthritis and lower back pain, then running is a strict no for you. It is recommended to walk at a brisk pace for an hour every day for maximum benefits.
  5. Walking can be done anywhere: You can take a walk inside your office premises or even walk back to your home after work due to the light nature of the exercise. Running or jogging may require proper gear and may not be suitable for all places. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a general physician.
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