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Effective Safety Measures to protect yourself from Delhi's Air Pollution

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Effective Safety Measures to protect yourself from Delhi's Air Pollution

If you’ve read the newspaper recently, you would no doubt have read about delhi alarming air pollution levels. Whether it is of exhaust fumes from cars and factories or smoke from burning stubble air pollution is a cause of great concern. The effects of this can be seen in the growing number of asthma and other respiratory diseases. These diseases affect adults and children alike, however, it is the younger generation and elderly people are most susceptible.

How does Pollution affect your health?

When it comes to air pollution, particulate matter is the greatest worry. This can be described as a mixture of solid and liquid particles that remain suspended in the air. Inhaling air with this particulate matter leads to them being deposited on the lining of the respiratory tubes and organs.

This can hinder the normal functioning of the respiratory system and act as catalysts for reactions that can harm your health. Along with the lungs, inhaling this particulate matter can also affect the heart and other organs. It also increases susceptibility to allergic reactions and diseases such as asthma.

How to Protect yourself from air pollution

  1. Refrain from morning walks routines to later hours.
  2. Use N95/99 face masks whenever you step out.
  3. Use air-purifying plants to purify the air around your surroundings.
  4. Ventilate your kitchen, bathroom to keep yourself away from air pollution.
  5. Restrict outdoor activities for kids if there is a high level of air pollution
  6. Use air-purifiers in your surroundings.
  7. Try to take steam with a few drops of eucalyptus oil every day.
  8. Keep your car’s environment fresh.
  9. Ventilate your home open your windows and doors and allow the air to circulate during mid hours.
  10. Eat jaggery (aka Gurr) to flush out pollutants from your lungs.
  11. Consume diet rich in vitamin C, omega fatty acids

Steps to reduce Delhi's air pollution

Simply talking about how there need to be stricter laws about car emissions and the burning of waste will not help you. Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself and your family from the ill effects of air pollution.

  1. Carpool:Exhausts from cars and other vehicles are one of the biggest causes of air pollution. Do your part to reduce air pollution by restricting the amount you use your car. Try taking public transport to work or carpool with colleagues. Similarly, avoid making individual trips every time you need something from the market. Make a list and when it’s long enough, then step out.
  2. Limit indoor pollution:Do not smoke indoors. When cooking, keep the exhaust fan on so that the smoke produced does not collect indoors. Avoid spraying air fresheners etc. While they may temporarily make the air smell fresh, in the long run, they contribute towards air pollution.
  3. Use public transport Try to use as much as public transport and avoid use of personal vehicals
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