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Rice Water - The Many Benefits Of It!

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Rice Water - The Many Benefits Of It!

Rice water is the water one gets during the preparation or cooking process of rice. Rice is normally soaked in water for some time. This water is generally thrown away and the rice put in the cooker. It turns out that this water has many benefits and should not be thrown away. Research has proven that rice water has vitamins and minerals and it has also been found that there has already been this practice of using rice water in many Asian cultures.

Rich in Beneficial Components
As mentioned, rice water is full of minerals that can provide benefit. The process of obtaining the right kind of substance is also crucial. If you have been just washing the rice and decanting it immediately, then you may have to review this. The process recommended is to allow the soak to stay for a few minutes and then take out the cleaning water. This is what you should be using for different applications.

Skin and Hair Treatments with Rice Water
The cleaning water obtained thus can then be used for application on the skin in various skin treatments. Skin surface needs to be refreshed to keep it smooth and beautiful. Ferulic acid and allantoin are some of the components found in rice water. These possess anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and prove to be quite useful for the skin.

Rice water is also used as a face cleanser. In this, you need to just wipe your face using the rice water and leave it to dry naturally, giving the face a rinse, a little later. You can use a cotton ball to do the wiping, so that it can reach all parts of the face including the back of the ears and part of your neck. If you follow this routine for a few days, you will be assured of a clear, glowing skin.

Other benefits for the skin when using rice water include treating acne, clearing eczema and removing irritation on the skin surface. Another use of rice water is to treat sunburn.

Benefits to Hair
Inositol is a substance found in rice water and it has been found to be very beneficial in improving the condition of human hair. One way it helps is by removing the friction in the hair and making it flow smoothly and freely. It is also useful in leaving the hair with more elasticity than before the use of the rice water. Many experts recommend that rice water can be used to wash hair in combination with the shampoo you are already using. After the hair has been washed with the shampoo, apply rice water uniformly and then rinse with clear water.

Most of these remedies suggested have to be followed for extended periods on a regular basis for lasting benefits. No improvement will occur instantaneously or with just a few applications. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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