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Regular Sex - How Good Is It?

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Regular Sex - How Good Is It?

Being intimate with your partner helps you to connect with each other in a better manner. Being active also increases happiness and longevity. Here is a list of reasons to why you having sex daily is highly advantageous. Read on more to find all about it:

  1. De-stress: Sex helps to reduce stress. During sexual activity, the body produces dopamine a hormone which fights against stress, endorphins or hormones which cause you to feel happy and oxytocin a hormone which increases desire. So sex on a daily basis is indeed an apt idea.
  2. Form of exercise: Sex is essentially a type of physical activity. The physiological changes that occur in a body during sexual intercourse is similar to that of work out. Respiratory and heart rate rises and a feeling of tiredness comes post coitus as calories are burned.
  3. Lowers blood pressure: Certain studies have indicated that sex has the ability to reduce blood pressure. It has been observed that regular sex can decrease diastolic blood pressure.
  4. Builds trust and intimacy: During sex, the hormones oxytocin and endorphins are released. Endorphins cause a happy feeling and oxytocin increases desire and love. Regular sex causes more secretion of oxytocin which helps to build trust and intimacy between couples.
  5. Less chances of cancerRegular sexual intercourse lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Irregular or rare ejaculation can cause the prostate to swell which may lead to prostate cancer.
  6. Regulates period: Sex regulates hormone secretion and hormones in return, determine the menstrual cycles. As such regular sex thus indirectly ends up regulating the menstrual cycle. Sex reduces stress which in turn prevents women to miss their periods.
  7. Healthier semen: If a couple is trying to conceive, regular sex is highly beneficial as with regular ejaculation old sperm is replaced from the testicles which increase the chance of conception.
  8. Stronger pelvic muscles: The act of sexual intercourse requires the active participation of several muscle groups. The pelvic muscles, in particular, become stronger which ultimately helps in the formation of a strong bladder and bowel movements.
  9. Prevents erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction can seriously hamper the sexual activity of a person. Regular sex is known to prevent erectile dysfunction as with regular sex blood flows regularly via the penile arteries which keeps the tissues healthy preventing erectile dysfunction.
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