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Penis Enlargement

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Dr. Rajesh Choda 93% (7884 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurvedic Doctor, Zirakpur  •  37 years experience
Penis Enlargement

Though alopathy offers a range of solutions for our day to day problems, still trying Ayurvedic remedies is a better idea at times. A full bodied penis is one of the most important elements that helps in having a more than satisfactory sexual encounter or experience. Not having a penis that is of the desired size can actually hamper your relationship and lead to a variety of problems in bed, thus giving rise to a number of related ailments and even a lack of interest in sex. Penis enlargement doesn't mean it will increase the size to manifold, but girth, thickness, little elongation, strengthening, straightening is achieved by oil (not simple, but Classic Ayurveda Taila only). Massage by dilation of vessels and filling well of cavernosa, spongiosa etc in penis musculature.

Read up to find out the ways penis enlargement can be achieved with the help of Ayurveda.

Oil Massages: When Sanda Oil is rubbed on penis it is absorbed into the blood stream and increases the blood circulation and expand the interior cavity of the penis. As a result it causes your erectile chamber (corpora cavernosa) to expand. Sanda oil is not available in its pure form and simple branding of this name is not useful. Sanda is a wild reptile, which was boiled in ancient times and fats taken out to make Sanda oil. This is not possible now-a-days. Instead various 'Tailas' (penis massage oils) prepared by valuable herbs and vegetable oils, such as Seasame oil should be used. Taila using Mall (purified arsenic) and egg are also effective. Preparation and use should be as per instructions on classic Ayurveda. Taila is selected as per history, present condition and duration of pt. specific problem, by Ayurveda doctor.

Herbs: Ashwagadha and Sitopiladi can help in rejuvenating the tissues that are present in this part of the body so that there is better growth of the penis. Also, one can use a concoction that consists of cistanche, which has powerful antioxidants, as well as Cuscuta which helps in the production of precious nitric oxide for the overall development of the organ. This concoction can also contain deer antler which blocks the action of shrinkage due to aging and increases the testosterone and HGH levels in the body for better organ growth, as well as ginseng, which can help in bringing about better blood circulation. With the help of these herbs and the concoctions available with these elements, one will see a gradual increase in the size of the penis.

Medicines: The various medicines available also include vitamins and essential nutrients that come together with the herbs to create better muscle growth for the penis to grow larger.

Exercise: One must practice Yoga and its various poses and postures on a regular basis so as to carry out the required stretches and pulls that will help in better development of this organ. Yoga and its various poses are also known tobring about to improved blood circulation in the various parts of the body.

Abstinence: In order to achieve a long, thick and firm penis that stays erect until the end of the sexual activity, one must ensure that smoking and excessive drinking should not be a part of one's lifestyle. Many patients who suffer from a small penis size and related problems, are often asked to stay away from these substances so as to get a healthier size and erection.

Shahi Tilla: Shahi Tilla is made of special herbs and rare species extracts. It increases blood circulation to the penis. More blood supply to the penis means a larger and stronger erection. Shahi Tilla stimulates the release of the male hormone called testosterone, which help increase more male libido and arrests early discharge of semen Ejaculation and sexual endurance increases dramatically.

Having a good sized penis is also a matter of paying attention to your lifestyle, diet and routine on an everyday basis as per the laws of Ayurveda. There are essential oils for romance also. e.g. pure Rose oil, pure Neroli essential oil, Pure Sandalwood essential oil, pure Ylang essential oil, pure Patchouli essential oil.

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