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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Panchakarma Treatment For Sinusitis!

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Dr. Navayushya Panchakarma Centre KalkajiAyurvedic Doctor • 14 Years Exp.Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), C.R.A.V
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Panchakarma is a unique treatment process followed in the ancient field of alternate medicine, Ayurveda. Over the years the practice has found takers not only in India but in several other countries, including the advanced ones such as the US. The recent opening of an Ayurveda kendra or center in New Jersey is ample proof of the popularity of this system of treatment. Practically every health condition is addressed through the panchakarma treatment and sinusitis is also included among them.

Different Levels of the Condition
Sinusitis is a form of inflammation inside the nasal passage that causes pain in the areas surrounding the nose and there are many causes for the condition to develop. Those who undergo the disorder, may experience different levels of sinusitis. It becomes essential for the physician to first diagnose if the sinusitis is acute, sub-acute, chronic or recurrent. Each type can show slightly different symptoms or last for longer durations. Starting from 4 weeks one could have sinusitis conditions lasting a whole of 8 weeks or even longer and there are those who experience it several times during a year.

Not Difficult to Diagnose
Someone with any level of sinusitis usually shows symptoms of a cold or nasal block and accumulation of mucus and so on. But there are simple diagnostic methods using which the doctors distinguish a common cold from sinusitis-like conditions. If the symptoms are severe, the doctor may order a scan done.

Panchakarma Can Offer Effective Remedies
Under the Ayurvedic system, the practitioner would first identify the ‘dosha’ and then go about prescribing the remedy. Since the condition is related to the presence of toxins, detoxification will be a primary form of addressing the issue. There are different methods prescribed within the panchakarma method of treatment. Among them, for sinusitis, Nasyam and Rasaayan therapies are the most frequently suggested ones for this condition.

  • Under the Nasyam method, the patient is generally asked to lie on his or her back and a specially prepared medicated oil is passed through the nostrils to clean the area. It can result in the condition not only getting cured, but can prevent it from recurring.
  • The other panchakarma treatment for sinusitis is Rasaayan. In reality, sinusitis is seen as an imbalance in the levels of fluids within the body and if the balance is restored, then health will automatically return. Based on this, the treatment of sinusitis is formulated using the appropriate herbs and elements needed to provide a healthy restoration of the nasal passage and removal of blockages.
  • If administered by professional Ayurveda practitioners, sinusitis, whichever type it is, can be effectively cured using the panchakarma treatment. As indicated, in many cases the remedy can be so useful that it can go beyond curing and can stop the condition from resurfacing again. That is the beauty of panchakarma.

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