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Pains and Aches that Women Face

Dr. Kirti Yadav 91% (174 ratings)
MSPT (Master of Physical Therapy), BPT
Physiotherapist, SECTOR 45 ,GURGAON  •  14 years experience
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Hello everyone, I am Dr Kirti Yadav, senior physiotherapist at Med herbal family clinic, Gurgaon. So, today we will talk about a very common problem which women faces in day-to-day life, pains and aches.

Normally, I have a lot of women who comes in an early age, in late age, every age. They talk about pains and aches. Basically they have pain in knee joints, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and because of the computer, nowadays, computer professionals also they have lot of pain and aches in and around the joints. The sitting job is a basic problem.
Now when we talk about women’s health, we ignore a lot of things. These are the different kinds of pain, dull aching kinds of pain. Everywhere in the joint, you are not being able to diagnose what kind of pain it is. It is not a nerve pain also. These are the symptoms of the problem which is known as low- vitamin level; and osteoporosis in later stages, after menopause. Now I want to enlighten these two things, vitamin d and osteoporosis. What we women do? Whenever we want to be fit, we give birth to kids. That is a very big thing and after that we do not take care of ourselves. When we talk about this vitamin D, you should be very careful with this vitamin as in you should have a check after pregnancy and after 40, you should have a check on vitamin-D.

When we talk about osteoporosis, it is basically after menopause the bones get weaken up.

What we do for fitness?

Nothing. We want to lose weight; we go to the gym. we want to gain weight; we go to gym.

Do we do weight exercises? Do we do strengthening exercises?

No, we don’t do that. So my main message today for women health is that these two things vitamin d and osteoporosis can be very well managed with a good exercise program. That includes weight exercises, strengthening exercises, theratube exercises, these are the two things which helps in developing the muscle strength and musculature which really helps in reliving all kinds of pains and aches in your body.
Now there are lot of myth. The biggest myth is a lot of women come and tell me if we do weight we will have bulky muscles, we will have bulky arms. No, we will not. We do not have testosterone as a hormone inside us that develops a muscle. So, that will only help in your bone strength and muscle strength and that is the only thing which helps you in getting rid of this. Pains and aches of daily lives. So please take this message very seriously, All the women who are in the age of 20-30, 30-40, 40-50 don’t think you are old so you can’t do weight exercises. You can do that. So, go to a professional., tell them about that you want to do strengthening exercises and do this program and make this as a habit.

If anything more about this topic, you want to know, you can consult me, you can have online consultation, you can have video chat, you can have audio chat with me through lybrate.

Thank you.

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