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Narrow Introitus

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Dr.Hitesh Shah 91% (245ratings)
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Welcome friends. Once again this is Dr. Hitesh Shah on Lybrate looking after your sexual health, emotional health and relationship health. Friends our today's topic is narrow introitus or small vaginal opening and how it affects the first sexual intercourse. Well friends as you are aware every virgin girl who gets married and will have a small vaginal opening smaller relatively smaller vaginal opening and will have initial difficulties for penetrative intercourse but generally through a little forceful penetrative attempt, it happens. Then can be bleeding, there can be pain but then she overcomes it gradually. But it's a spectrum so some women have very narrow opening, very small opening is even difficult for them to insert even one single finger, forget two fingers and erect penis is generally more than 4 fingers thick, so it is difficult for any erect penis to enter; that leads to pain, that pain leads to again fear and often narrow opening is associated with penetration phobia or even vaginismus. So things get little more complicated for those women. Similar situation in exist in men.

You know they were very narrow foreskin which is called phimosis. So coming back to women now this problem and it exists its difficult for them to have penetrative sex. Often they undergo surgery also to open up their introitus and remove the hymen but there is a limitation to surgery because you can't make the opening so big you know and because there's a urethra above, there is a perineum and anal canal below. So beyond a point it cannot be opened up and if the elasticity is not developed the even after surgery we get many cases where the penetration does not happen; even if there is no fear, no vaginismus but just penetration cannot happen.

Now when we encounter with such cases where couple cannot have a first intercourse because even if the husband has a good erection, proper positioning is there but they can't insert at the right spot because the opening is relatively small and elasticity has not developed, we help them non-surgically. There are homeopathic remedies which help to develop elasticity and there are certain techniques which we guide couple through and they are able to develop that elasticity and very smoothly they come out of this problem. In fact we have many unconsummated cases one year, three years, five years, ten years, fifteen years of marriage you could not consummate because of this kind of problem and once they undergo right kind of guidance techniques and treatment they are able to consummate, in fact practically without any pain. We also get such situation of narrow introitus even post delivery.

Post delivery there is a sometimes suture is taken after that episiotomy cut; if the suture is over taken it can narrow the natural opening. So in that case when the woman comes to us again there is a treatment and without surgery we can help this woman. This problem also can happen in the later stages post-menopause, when there is a very low level of oestrogen, lot of dryness in the vagina and constriction happening and women finds it very painful and difficult. Again homeopathy helps, non surgical techniques helps. So friends, there is a treatment, there is a cure you need not stay with your pain and fear and you can have your marital harmony. Thank you so much. You are always welcome for any query, any solution on Lybrate. 

Thank you.

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