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Myths Vs Reality on Causes of Nightfall

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Vaidya Visharad
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Myths Vs Reality on Causes of Nightfall

Nightfall, also known as wet dreams is very common among men, chiefly in adolescents. This condition is marked by spontaneous ejaculation during sleep at night or in the early hours of dawn. The intensity of the occurrence of these emissions varies from one person to another. This condition is mostly experienced in the teenage years and very few people suffer it throughout their lives. Here we discuss some facts and myths about wet dreams and try to find out the real reason behind nightfall.

Common Myths About Nightfall

Check out these myths about wet dreams, which make people confused and depressed:

  • It is a rare condition
  • Nightfall can lead to decreased sexual function
  • Occurrence is only among young men who frequently masturbate
  • Eating non-vegetarian food can worsen the condition
  • The daily occurrence of nightfall can cause erection problems

Common Causes of Nightfall Problem

After knowing various myths about wet dreams, now its time to find out the real reason behind the nightfall problem, so that a person can easily understand the issue and get the real treatment for these wet dreams reasons.

  • Weak nerves
  • Excessive masturbation that weakens the nerves connecting the brain with the reproductive system
  • Men who indulge in excessive sex may have frequent sexual thoughts that can lead to nightfall
  • Excessive smoking and drinking are also a reason behind nightfall as it leads to nerve damage which is the primary cause of the condition
  • Lack of physical exercise and lethargy can also be responsible for nightfall

Nightfall benefits the body in several ways. The ejaculation of seminal fluid through the genitalia prevents the accumulation of seminal fluid and helps in the formation of new healthy seminal fluid. This process also helps in improving metabolism. However, excessive emissions during the night can have negative effects such as weakening of body organs and a decrease in their efficiency. It can also lead to other sexual disorders such as infertility and reduced levels of libido.

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