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Music & Reading During Pregnancy - How It Can Help?

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Music & Reading During Pregnancy - How It Can Help?

Pregnancy is an enthralling phase that brings about many changes in a couple's (especially woman's) life. Carrying a life within oneself can be quite challenging. Ayurveda believes that for a healthy pregnancy, the doshas (Vata Dosha, Kapha Dosha, and Pitta Dosha) should be in perfect harmony. The aggravation of the dosha can wreak havoc in the pregnancy affecting the baby and the mother to a great extent. In this article, we will discuss the pivotal role played by music and reading during pregnancy, benefitting the mother and the baby both.

During pregnancy, it is a common sight to watch the mother talk to her baby in the womb. From her happiness to pain to anxiety, she shares them all with her baby. As per Ayurveda, a baby can be educated and cultured while they are still in the comfort of their mother's womb. Ayurveda emphasizes that a mother should read more during pregnancy. The hormonal changes and the other complications often trigger an aggravation of one or more doshas, leaving the woman stressed out and depressed. Reading helps a pregnant woman to relax. In some instances, reading has proved to even pacify the aggravated doshas. Since the baby can relate more to the mother's voice, reading can benefit the baby immensely.

Ayurveda suggests that during pregnancy, a woman should read more of spiritual books, books that give her happiness. Reading sad, depressing or horror related books can have a negative influence on the mother and even on the baby.

Pregnant or not, the significance of music therapy is immense. For the healthy physical and mental development of the baby, Ayurveda stresses upon positive thinking during pregnancy. Music comes with a healing effect that can help to keep stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts at bay. Be it the Vata, Kapha, or Pitta vitiation, there is music available to pacify each dosha, thereby restoring the dosha balance.

Ayurveda also states that the music vibrations can reach the baby in the womb, keeping the baby calm and ensuring a better mental agility. Just as music can heal a soul, it can also have a negative effect on a person. Thus, the choice of music is of prime importance during pregnancy. Refrain from loud music or songs that are sad and depressing. Ayurveda suggests that a pregnant woman should listen to more of soft, soulful, and spiritual music. Listening to shlokas, mantras, and other related chants and hymns can work wonders for the mother and the baby.

In addition to eliminating the negative energy and enhancing the stimulation of the brain in the baby, the healing music works wonders to open up and activate the chakras. There are seven chakras present in our body. The activation of these chakras plays a pivotal role in warding off a plethora of health problems.

Thus, in addition to a proper diet and lifestyle changes, reading and listening to music is highly beneficial during pregnancy and should be made a part of your daily routine. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!


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