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Monsoon Season Health Tips To Avoid Getting Sick!

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 Monsoon Season Health Tips To Avoid Getting Sick!

The monsoon may be a season of joy, but it has also got equal woes. The monsoon brings a lot of health problems along with the rain and clouds. Monsoon is characterized by thriving of numerous germs and bacteria. The increased humidity causes many disorders in the digestive system. Keeping yourself away from rainwater is not the only way to ensure good health during the monsoon season. 

Here are several tips to stay healthy during the monsoon-

1. Skip having outside food

Avoid street food strictly during the monsoon. Street food like pani poori, bhel poori, pakoras and other chaats may look tempting, but they may contain harmful bacteria, which might affect your digestive system. Furthermore, avoid raw food. All these foods may cause food poisoning.

2. Include vegetables in your diet

You should eat a variety of green and coloured vegetables, which are nutrient rich and keep you fit during the monsoon. Wash all vegetables properly before cooking.

3. Take a shower after getting wet

If you get wet in the rain, you must follow it up with a shower immediately. This washes off any infection that might have passed on from the rainwater. To avoid fever and cold, do not enter an air-conditioned room with wet clothes or hair.

4. Try to avoid fish

During the monsoon, you should avoid consuming fish and prawns as much as possible, as they may cause infections. Monsoon is the breeding season for fish, and the infection might upset your digestion. 
So, only eat fresh fish.

5. Always stay hydrated

During the monsoon, you must drink a lot of water and keep your system clean. You can drink boiled water to get rid of germs. Infected water may cause stomach disorders. Try having different sorts of herbal tea or green tea. Avoid coffee as it dehydrates your body.

6. Keep your house clean

Your house should be kept clean and pest-free during the monsoon. Check for any water clogging or leakage. Replace any rusted or broken drainpipes as they act as a breeding ground for germs and pests which cause malaria and dengue. Prevent any kind of water logging to keep mosquitoes away.

7. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is vital to keep yourself healthy, especially in monsoon. Since, going out in the rain is impossible, work out at home. Practice yoga and free hand exercises.

Monsoon is the season of various diseases caused by germs and bacteria, which breed during this season. Take all the required precautions to keep yourself healthy during the monsoon.

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