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Misconceptions Of Counselling And Therapy

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Ms.Rashi Anand Laskari 89% (45ratings)
B.A., MA - Counselling Psychology
Psychologist, Mumbai  •  11years experience
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I am Rashi Laskari, a practicing counselling psychologist working in the field of individual relationship and family counselling. at Inner Light Counselling Center we are privileged to be able to help people, our clients, at resolving various issues that they go through in their lives- personal, professional, marital or even life experience. I want to use this platform to be able to reach out to each one of you, to clear out the many miss-giving or misconceptions we hold about counselling or therapy. One of the questions which most people ask us is - How do I know that I need counselling? or When should I consider starting therapy? Well, the reality is that all of us go through the difficult times, have problems in our lives and feel the need. Don't we all feel the need to talk to someone about our issues, about our problems?

This is the time that we think, that we want to reach out to someone whom we trust. It could be friends, family or people who are in our inner circle. But there are certain things that inhibit us from reaching out to them. The fear that they may be opinionated or the mere fact that they are they are not skilled to be able to help us with our difficult emotions. Then what should we do? Should we not talk to them at all? A psychologist or psychiatrist are professionals working in the field of Mental Health. They are skilled to not only understand your behaviour but also understand the complexities of your emotions and help you to cope with that effectively. There are times when we find ourselves frequently unhappy.

Unable to cope with what we were able to deal with earlier. Either our emotions are controlling our behaviour or we find ourselves crying very easily or not able to manage other emotions such as anger, sadness or fear. These are times when you can reach out to a professional counsellor who can help you not only understand your emotions but also learn to cope with them effectively. Most of us tend to leave issues of our past unresolved and these influence the roles we play in our life presently. Your role as a parent or as a husband or wife or even that of an employee. Coping with your past and learning how to deal with it effectively that counselling and psychological therapy can help you with.

Very often people go through physiological difficulties such as sleeplessness, unexplained fatigue, lack of concentration and many such issues that may not be able to find a physiological reason but are disrupting your day to day routine. Reach out to a counsellor or a psychologist in Mumbai who can help you to reach to the root of these problems and resolve them. We all have many thoughts in our mind and these thoughts are sometimes not helping us grow. If you find yourself stuck with negative thoughts that are in a cyclic pattern repetitively causing you harm or causing harm to your progress, you may want to speak to someone to understand them better. These thoughts can be of self-blame, can be of negative past experience or just fears.

Fears of what you like to achieve in your future. A counseling session can provide you a safe space to talk. To talk about your problems with your issues your thoughts and emotions. The basic model of counselling is through conversations. Conversations that promote your well being, that promote solutions. Counselling not just promote sharing but also provides you with a non-judgmental, unbiased and professional perspective. During a counselling session, you will not only be able to gain a lot more clarity on yourself, build your self-confidence and clarity on your life situations but you will also be able to learn a lot of tools, strategies, and skills to manage more effectively your emotions your behaviours and your life decisions. Every individual is unique and so are their life stories and problems.

In your counselling session, your therapist will understand and collaborate with you to create an individual counselling plan personalized just for you. Reaching out to a professional for psychological growth and development is not a sign of weakness. Seeking help is in fact a sign of strength. Show strength and love towards yourself and reach out whenever you feel the need to talk to someone. I am available at my clinic Inner Light Counselling Center in Andheri West in Mumbai. You can also book an appointment or reach out on 

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