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Mindset and mood are Directly related with Praana Vaayu

Dr. R.P. Singh Atwal 86% (24 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), cRAV, CKS
Ayurveda, Amritsar  •  4 years experience
Mindset and mood are Directly related with Praana Vaayu

Praana vaayu in human body is responsible for performing many vital functions. One of them is our intelligence. So mind related issues are directly related to dis-order of praana vaayu.

Signs of dis-ordered praana vaayu.

1. Anger
2. Stress & depression
3. Unable to forgive anyone
4. Confused state of mind.
5. Loss of joy in life
6. Week memory 
7. Sudden mood alterations
8. Head ache after having mental exercise
9. Over blinking of eyes
10. Always in seek of company (uncomfortable if stayed alone)

How to cure prana-vaayu.

1. Getting up early before sun rise is must to cure praana vaayu disorder.

2. Atleast 48 mins in morning should be given daily for deep breathing, walk, praanayam or yog.

3. Nasya (nasal adminstration) of luke warm cow's ghee is very effective in recovering all praana vaayu dis-orders.

4. Fresh n healthy food should be consumed (canned- packed should never be consumed)

5. Keep body hyderated drink adequate amount of water.

6. Spices, excessive salt, fried, non-veg, mashroom, alcohol, tobacco harm praana-vaayu.

7. Keeping anger in mind for a person, community or anyone will never let you heal. Forgiveness is the only key to happiness.


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