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Mental Disorders

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Dr. Gopinath Menon 90% (125 ratings)
Homeopath, Mumbai  •  28 years experience
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Hi Friends,

I am Dr. Gopinath Menon. I am a homeopath.

In the last few days I spoke to you about how homeopathy work and diseases and stuff like that. There is one more important aspect that is very important in today’s scenario. They are mental disorder, behavior issues in children, suicidal tendencies in children, ADHD, Autism, mental retardation, learning disabilities. Now these are all where there is not a cure again and these are all things where medication, the normal first level of medication that is given is often more harmful than the disease itself. Whether it’s antipsychotic medications and anti-depressant all these medicines take a big toll on your normal sense of mental stability. Homeopathy works wonderfully. If you look at the epigenesist of let’s say Autism or ADHD or behavioral disorders, every child every adult who has overgrown ADHD and diagnosed and today has problems in his interpersonal relationships, in his work place, in cultural in friend circle and is enable to actually take treatment for it is because the problem is there but it is not treatable. It kind of languishes in between. It is not serious to really take a very drastic step about it. And if you take a step you take a medication ultimately the effects to the medication is severe than that of the disease itself. And so people keep suffering. Homeopathy has got amazing result in ADHD, in Autism. There are couple of autistic cases that I have dealt with where the person is almost able to live a normal life, almost. They can never reach up to the level of a normal person because there is an inherit deficiency in them. But they are not dependent. They are easily independently able to manage themselves and this comes as a relive not only to the patient but also to the families of the patient. Because every family who has an ADHD or an Autistic person in amongst them suffers a lot. Do try homeopathy for mental disorders and autism and ADHD and behavioral problems in children. Lack of focus, lack of concentration. These are the stuff that every parent faces in school and believe you me I will not blame the children completely. It is you parents who are responsible for a great deal also. So I can council you, I can give you homeopathic medication to treat the child and to treat yourself, so holistically as a family you become a much happier family. You are able to manage things much better and able to live life satisfactorily.

For further information contact me on lybrate. Thank you so much.

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