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Massive Weight Loss Surgery

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American Board of Plastic Surgery, , American Board Of General Surgery, MS - Dermatology, M.B.B.S
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I'm doctor Ajay Kashyap. American board certified in plastic surgery and medical director of kaiz medical Centre. I will be speaking today about massive weight loss surgeries which plastic surgery after a person has had massive weight loss. This can happen due to periodic surgeries, or the people own effort when they lose a large amount of weight in access of 20, 25 kilos. What happens after this is that a lot of the skin start sagging and for that there are different treatments the skin can sag in the face, the neck, the breast, the body, the abdomen, the sides and the legs, pretty much everywhere because of envelope becoming looser because of fat being gone the skin start hanging down, it can happen at any age I have as young as 15 to 16 years old and as old as 75 80 years old. My experience has started with people who had the massive weight loss about 20 25 years back and techniques are still evolving at this time, now we have techniques are pretty evolved and most of the reductions of skin are surgical.

Let’s first talk about the abdomen and torso which is most often the biggest sufferer for weight loss when there is a lot of losing in the abdomen and the sides what we do is called a lower body lift or belt clap it so the large number of tissues are taken down , the skin is made titer and the incision is put below the bikini line of the underwear line, this is all that happens if you look at the lady on the left on your left on her right you see that the skin has loose pretty much all over from the breast the abdomen to the back to the love handles to the thighs everywhere.

All kind of surgeries that are done lifting off the breast the lower body lift or a belt clip it and we talked about the arms can also be taken care off, as the skin of thighs. For the thighs what we do is called the inner thigh lift surgery which is done through vertical incision in the inside of the thigh, the other part of the thigh the outer thigh can be lifted up with the buttocks and the incision goes all around like a belt or the lower body lift goes all around and can easily be hidden in the underwear , this is incision for the inner thigh lift can’t be hidden very but it is put in the position that when you look at the person if the person has shots you don’t see it right away its kind off on the back side.

This is a gentleman who had a lower body lift elsewhere and we did an inner thigh lift that you can see the redundant skin is all gone.
Now, these are incisions for completion of the buttock and outer thigh lift or completion of the belt-like or lower body lift, that’s what people look like body lifted make titer looks more astatically feels a lot of cloths often times when they are out of cloths also although some incisions can be seen you can see how the shape has become much better much fuller and much more youthful, this is a lady only in her late 30s, if you look at this picture it looks much older now she looks very handsome, once the skin has been tightening the body looks younger.

The other part is the arms, arms also become sagging redundant and sometimes some fat is left over the arms when everything else is shrunk so we remove the fat and tighten the arms something like this, you can see the loose hanging arms some people call it the back wing deformity but this can be tightened with this technique, sometimes we can go for small incision which is very well hidden and the rest of it we can take off with a technique called the tight,
Again upper body the arms, the breast, the back is also been tighten up. Often times breast lift is required and there is just isolated redundancy without loss of falling we can do it without putting implants, however often times some implants are also necessary, after massive weight loss even in a young person you see a lot of skin redundancy especially in the neck and this can be tightened up with the procedure called a neck lift and platysmaplasty,

All these procedures are surgical procedures that require a lot of experience and expertise because the incision is long, however, the eventual results are very very grated both for surgeon and the patient
Thank you I’m Doctor Ajay Kashyap, if you need more information about these procedures you can contact me through Lybrate or you can contact my website which is

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