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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Maintaining A Healthy Heart With Ayurveda!

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Dr. Dinesh RawalAyurvedic Doctor • 50 Years Exp.BAMS
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Heart diseases are one of the major killers of this century; irrespective of age and sex. The rigors of modern life, coupled with the general populace aggressively moving towards a more sedentary lifestyle, it’s no surprise that cardiovascular disorders are on the rise.

However, Ayurveda has tips and guidelines to offer which could end up being just what one needs to keep diseases at bay, during such times. One can start with following the most basic steps and slowly take them forward once one easily slides in the regime. The best part; nature has no side effects.

Read on:

  1. Relax: The first tenet of ‘any disease combat’ is to kill stress and along with that the causes which result in stress. Practice deep breathing and other relaxation techniques. Meditation and yoga can realign the flow of energy in the body, thus washing away worries.
  2. Cultivate positivity: As important as it is to fight stress, it’s equally important to cultivate positivity from every nook and cranny of this joyride called Life. Do things which give you happiness and contentment.
  3. Eat right: This is probably the most difficult way to inculcate given all the ‘junk on the go’ food centers opening in almost all crevices of the country. Eat a heart friendly diet. Start the day with fresh fruits and vegetables. Almonds are good friends to your heart; don’t forget to include them in your breakfast platter. You can also dress your veggies with fresh lime juice and make use of the turmeric and black pepper lying on your kitchen shelves and sprinkle generous amounts of them in your meals.
  4. Eat properly: DO not skip meals. Have three regular meals every day and try to cut down on the intra meal helpings that you often indulge in. Remember, it’s the casual helping of all those late night snacks that add to your adipose count, thus contributing to poor heart health. Have moderate portions of foods (Ayurveda says portion that can fit in to your two cupped palms is the right portion), but have dinner the lightest. This is because the metabolism rate dips at night. Thus eating heavy and sundry after sunset can be no good news to your ticker. Lime, salt and ginger can improve digestion. A glass of lassi during your midday meal can further help with matters of the heart.
  5. Exercise never has and never will fall out of fashion: Exercise regularly. It does not matter what the intensity of exercises is; what ticks over here is regularity. Light cardio exercises such as swift walking or swimming can do all that your heart would need at this point in time. What cardio exercises also do is that they reboot your system; so that the next morning, your metabolism is at its zenith and circulation, the best. Pranayam and meditation twice a day is good for Heart.
  6. Sleep right: It was no bluff when your mum would ask you to go to bed at the right time. Time and time again, research and studies have reinstated the fact that sleeping sufficient and sound, for about 7 hours every day holds the trick and the key to how your next sunrise could be. So much so, that right sleep is as important as the right diet when it comes to pampering the heart. Inculcate the correct sleeping habits- a silent, calm and cozy room will just be enough for the longest and peaceful of snooze. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an Ayurveda.

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