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Lubrication Issue In Men - How Can It Be Treated?

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Lubrication Issue In Men - How Can It Be Treated?

A physical expression of your love towards the partner is essential so that your valued relationship can survive the test of time. You can’t just ignore your partner’s physical needs and urge for getting sexually satisfied to have a balanced relationship. In today’s world, growing stress and strains of life makes it difficult for the partners to have a fulfilling sexual experience every time. Blame it on the male or the female, problems can be many. It’s not just with the women, even problems in a man’s body could lead to unsatisfied sexual experience.

Lubrication, which was thought to be a woman’s problem only in the past, is also an issue with men. Insufficient lubricating fluids ejaculated by the man during intercourse, can spoil the fun and hamper the necessity.

Insufficient lubrication in men can happen due to physical or mental conditions. Sometimes, self-stimulation by masturbation could also be an issue. Masturbation often becomes a man’s erotic idiosyncrasies. The partner, unable to know that, fails to lubricate his man in sufficient proportions. Excessive stress hampers sexual life. Your man may also suffer from lack of confidence and have a ‘delivery boy’ attitude towards sex. He must know how to dominate the partner on the bed or else suffer from lubrication issue. Over-dependence on certain drugs can also lead to lubrication problems. This can especially happen due to the side-effects of antidepressants, painkillers and blood-pressure medications. Ageing is also a responsible factor for the same.

Treatment for Lubrication Issues:

  1. Meet your doctor first to investigate any possible case of infection or any other problem.

  2. You can practice Kegel exercises. This helps in toning down the pelvic floor muscle and intensifies orgasm and ejaculation process.

  3. You must take care of your erotic context. You must prepare yourself with all pre-condition required for a satisfying experience. Take care of the ambience, environment, comfort and all that you feel good about.

  4. You must value your sexual urge and take the dominating attitude. Don’t act like a delivery boy. Vaginal intercourse might not be sufficient to reach orgasm. Indulge in oral activity for ultimate stimulation.

  5. Breathe deeply to relax your nerves.

  6. Indulge in your secret fantasies boldly. Don’t compromise with them out of fear or shame.

  7. Use artificial lubricants that make your genitals sensitive.

Consult a sex therapist for best results. Talk to your partner and don’t be shy about it. Convince her to help you out with the same.

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