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Low Sperm Count - How Can You Get Pregnant?

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Low Sperm Count - How Can You Get Pregnant?

Couples often experience a decrease in fertility because the man has troubles with his sperm count. Majority of infertility cases are due to low sperm count in men.A low sperm count can be established through the observation of a semen sample in a laboratory to check whether the sperm count available in the sample enough or not. However, it is still possible to attain pregnancy with low sperm levels.

Natural ways of improving sperm count

  • Plan your sex routine with your spouse at the time when she is ovulating; a woman is most fertile from the 9th to the 15th day of her menstrual cycle.
  • The testicle positioning outside of the body is to ensure that the sperm is made at a lower temperature than the normal body temperature. Therefore, men with low sperm count should avoid wearing tight underwear and exposure to hot tubs and sauna that can increase the testicular temperature.
  • A healthy diet and drinking lots of water also help increase the sperm count. Men with low sperm count should eat plenty of foods rich in protein and high-quality fat. They should avoid fast foods, sugary foods, alcohol, street drugs and cigarettes as well.
  • Having moderate exercise regularly also enhances the sperm count. Ensure to wear light loose clothing during the exercise to avoid increasing temperatures around the testicles that will lower the production of the sperm count.

Medical ways of increasing sperm count

One must seek medical intervention from a doctor to boost their sperm count. IUI involves getting a semen sample, washing it before inserting directly into the uterus through a catheter that is connected to the cervix. IVF involves fertilizing the eggs and sperm in a Petri dish before implanting inside a woman's uterus. Medical methods should only be sought when natural methods have proven unsuccessful. Always seek your doctor's advice before selecting a method for effectiveness.

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