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Loose Anagen Syndrome - How Ayurveda Can Be Of Help?

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Loose Anagen Syndrome - How Ayurveda Can Be Of Help?

Loose Anagen Syndrome is a hair disorder, which results in the hair getting loose and can get pulled out from the scalp in a completely painless manner. In this condition, hair do not remain anchored right into the scalp in a proper manner with any real known cause. Due to this reason, affected patients tend to have a kind of ‘bed head’ appearance and a type of hair that does not seem to grow. Very often, this disorder of the hair has been typically described to exist among children, predominantly on those girls who have blonde hair.

Occasionally this type of condition has been known to arise among adults. The prime suspects, who might get affected by Loose Anagen Syndrome, are those having fine hair, which can be removed in a painless manner from the scalp without any sort of effort.

The inner covering of the root plays an integral part to help anchor the sheath of the hair, within the hair follicle. When someone gets affected by loose anagen syndrome, abnormalities faced in the keratinisation of one’s inner covering of the root, caused due to the result of gene coding mutations for cytokeratins, lie at the root cause of the disorder. Hence, this leads to impairment in the adherence of the damaged or deformed shafts of the hair to the follicles.

Treatment in Ayurveda

Natural modes of treatment through Ayurveda can help in getting rid of this condition. Have a look:

The practitioners of Ayurveda believe that hair fall through Loose Anagen Syndrome is mostly associated to one’s body type and on the stability of people’s mind-body structure. People who have Pitta Prakriti might well have to face the problem of hair loss in this manner lot earlier than normal.

Ayurveda considers Hair to be a byproduct of Bone. Hence, the tissues which are responsible for the formation of bones, are also responsible for the growth of hair. The treatment in Ayurveda for hair loss involves a combination of the following ingredients:

  • Herbs
  • Meditation
  • Diet
  • Yoga
  • Breathing
  • Panchkarma treatment, particularly Nasya
  • Oil Massage

People must follow the lifestyle as per Ayurveda, which includes:

  • Maintenance of proper Diet Plan
  • Daily Routine
  • Regimen on a seasonal basis

All these would be of immense help to overcome the problem of LAS. Following these in a strict and disciplined manner would stop people’s hair fall and also assist in the growth of their hair. Other than these, there is something called Nasala Oleation (Nasya), which can all of a sudden stop one’s hair from falling. Nasya therapy is nothing but application of Ayurvedic herbs right inside the nostrils, in the form of oil and powder.

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