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Lice - Ayurvedic Ways To Treat This Problem!

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Lice - Ayurvedic Ways To Treat This Problem!

Lice are basically the small insects which tend to live in humans as well as on animal’s hair. Their mode of survival is the small amount of blood that they suck from the scalp. This problem is common among kids, especially girls, within the age group between five to twelve. It is even found that lice can lead to the reduction of life expectancy for patients. Ayurveda can be of great help, through its natural modes of treatment to get rid of the problems caused by lice.

Some of the natural ways through which people can treat their problem of lice are as follows:

Oiling the hair: Make use of coconut hair oil with a pinch of camphor powder, melted inside the oil. This is an extremely economical remedy, which contains no amount of chemicals. The mixture must get applied in a liberal manner to the scalp and roots of the hair. This can be applied at night. People can wrap a towel around the head or can even cover it up with a shower cap, then go to sleep and wash the hair after waking up in the morning.

Feugreek Seeds: Get a handful of fenugreek seeds and soak them up overnight in clear water. Prepare a paste and apply it on the scalp. Then let the paste stay for half an hour. Wrap your head up with a towel or you may even cover up your head with a shower cap. Wash the paste away and do shampoo, just the way it is done in a usual manner. These seeds have extremely potent anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal properties, which help to prevent hair fall and thus, aid in hair growth.

Garlic and Limejuice: Use of garlic and limejuice is extremely importance towards treating the problem of lice. People can take few pods of garlic and crush. Then they should add lemon juice to turn it into a paste. That paste should be applied to the scalp and must be left that way for 30 minutes. Then wrap the head with a towel. Afterwards, wash away the paste and do shampoo in a normal manner. The mixture of garlic and lime has astringent properties, which help to ward off insects as well as pests.

Custard Apple Seed Powder: Dry seeds of the custard apple are transformed into a powder. This can be turned into a paste with the addition of gram flour. One can apply this paste to the scalp and leave it that way for half an hour. Shampoo the hair after that and then comb your hair for dead lice. The components, which are present on the seeds help to eliminate the lice out quickly. This process can be repeated till the head becomes completely free from lice.

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