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LHR (Laser Hair Reduction)

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I am Dr Anuj Saigal MD Dermatology practising in Delhi NCR. Today we are gonna discuss LHR that is Laser Hair Reduction LHR is the common procedure these days performed in multiple cosmetic and aesthetic skin clinics. Who would like to wax or pluck their hair, if something as safe and as effective as LHR is available? What are the benefits of getting a laser hair removal done? A) It helps you look good, B) It improves your self-confidence, thirdly it is a treatment for ingrown hair and it acts as a co-therapy in certain diseases like Pilonidal sinus and hidradenitis suppurativa and above all its saves your time and money. What are the lasers which help you in removing hair? There are multiple lasers starting from IPL, Nd:YAG and diode but in our Indian skin Nd:YAG and diode are what we follow and they have great results. Who is the best candidate for laser removal hair now? Ideally, laser hair removal can be done for both males and females; there are different areas which we target for males and females. There are common areas for females like upper lips, chin, side locks face, bikini and underarms, whereas for males we have beard, chest, back but definitely laser hair removal or reduction is for both males and females. Who will get the best result out of laser hair reduction one who is having coarse hair and one who is having darker hair? If you have blond hair, white hair or grey hair laser is not that effective. How does a laser act, it acts on the 2 things it acts on the root, it acts on the pigment that is why there are few prerequisites before you get your laser removal therapy started you should not do bleaching, you should not do waxing, threading and plucking before you start your sessions because if you do waxing, plucking and threading you will end up damaging the root the laser sessions will not be effective if you will do bleaching the pigment will be damage again the laser sessions will not be effective.

How many number of sessions are required? See we divide the body into 2 parts above the neck you require more number of sessions approximately 8 to 10 sessions, whereas, below the neck, you require 6 to 8 sessions. The sessions are placed anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks gap. How a laser hair removal session is done you come down to the clinic we mark the area, we prepare your skin by cleansing and by shaving it then we apply a cool gel and then we give shots. After setting the parameters in the machine taking care of what is the quality of your skin, what is the colour of your skin, what is the colour of your hair and how is the thickness of your hair. After giving the shots there is a bit of redness which can be controlled by applying emolium cream, sunscreen the post top care is also not much where we give, where we ask you to use proper sunscreen or avoid the sun and not to do steam, sauna and hot bath kind of things. Plus we ask you not to do any other procedures like dermaroller or any other laser for at least 2 weeks post procedures. But it is very safe and an effective procedure, patients come to me and ask me how painful is it. Now coming to that it is definitely not that painful as what you experience in waxing, you will feel a pricking sensation but it is not something which makes you uncomfortable. So it’s a very safe and effective procedure. So what are you waiting for go and consult your Dermatologist and get that flawless skin? If you have any other queries you can contact me via Lybrate or you can come down to my clinic. Thank You.

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