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Laser Hair Removal- How To Prepare Your Skin Before The Procedure?

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Laser Hair Removal- How To Prepare Your Skin Before The Procedure?

Excess hair growth or hair in unwanted parts of the body has always been a matter of concern for both women and men. Many people spend considerable amount of time trying to remove excess hair from face, chin, upper lips, legs, arms and other body parts with the help of conventional methods like shaving. In contrary to traditional hair removal methods, Laser Hair Removal is a new-age cosmetic treatment that works well for almost all your body parts (except around the eyes and eyelids). 

Laser hair removal uses concentrated laser beams on the area of your body from where you wish to remove excess hair. The treatment has gained immense popularity over the years, and is a preferred option for most people. Your skin type and hair color influences the results of your treatment. Ideally the pigment of your hair should absorb the laser beams. The light should only damage the hair follicle, and not your skin. 

Therefore a contrast between the color of your skin and hair will yield the best results. Before you opt for laser hair removal, you must prepare yourself for the procedure. Here are a few things you must keep in mind- 

  1. Avoid tanning for at least a month before the procedure. Laser hair removal targets the dark pigment or melanin in the hair shaft. So, the lighter your skin, better are the results. A tanned skin makes it difficult for the laser to pick on the hair pigment. So you must avoid tanning for at least a month before going for the treatment. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before stepping out. If your work requires you to stay outdoor for long hours, use one with an SPF 30. 
  2. Refrain from waxing and bleaching. Other skin removal techniques like bleaching or waxing reduce the efficacy of laser treatment. Refrain from using depilatory creams for at least 2-3 weeks prior to your first treatment session. Threading or waxing should be stopped at least a month before the procedure. 
  3. Shave the area as instructed by the doctor. You’ll be recommended to shave the area only a day or two before the scheduled appointment so that small hair follicles are visible. Removing longer hair can be painful during the procedure and increase risk of side effects. Moreover, shaving at the eleventh hour may leave your skin irritated, broken and prone to reactions. 
  4. Excess hair growths can be due to a medical condition or genetics. Laser hair removal is the only method of eliminating unwanted hair growth permanently. Prior to the treatment you should consult a dermatologist and have your medical conditions reviewed so that you don’t end up with side effects.
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