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Lack Of Sex - What Can Cause It?

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Dr. Bhagwati Prasad Gupta 93% (19 ratings)
Sexologist, Gurgaon  •  11 years experience
Lack Of Sex - What Can Cause It?

Sex drive is nothing, but the desire to have sexual interaction, but this desire might get badly affected by several reasons. Lower sex-drive can be found both in women and men, but the reasons might vary at times. In this case, sexual thoughts can be decreased as a result of which you will not get the energy and enthusiasm in getting physical with your partner.

Probable causes for a lower sex-drive

  1. Excessive medications: If you are taking excessive drugs, then your sexual desire might get badly affected.  There are many medicines that can invite libido loss as a result of which sexual desire gets decreased. Therefore, you should take only prescribed drugs, but with limited dosage only. Sometimes, excessive intake of antidepressants may cause the libido to decrease a lot.

  2. Unhealthy lifestyle: If you are addicted to smoking or alcohol consumption, then you will face a completely unhealthy lifestyle, and this might lead to a decrease in the libido amount in both males and females.

  3. Excessive stress: If your mind is filled with acute stress, depression and tension due to either personal or professional affairs, then you will never be able to concentrate on sexual arousal part and thus your sex life will get greatly hampered. This is the reason you have to regulate your mental stress so that you can get erotic thoughts in your mind.

  4. Relationship troubles: If you have got relationship troubles due to misunderstandings, then you will never be able to enjoy your sex life peacefully. Sexual thoughts will not hit your mind and thus you will not get involved in any physical interaction with your partners. Therefore, you have to resolve all misunderstandings with your partner and then only you can get a successful love life.

  5. Hormonal problems: Hormonal fluctuations often lead to a decrease in libido and thus sexual desire gets badly affected. You can now get necessary treatments so that sexual hormones can be effectively balanced.

  6. Age: With the increase in age, desire for lovemaking automatically gets decreased and this is quite common. Not only your energy levels will get decreased, but your testosterone levels will also get diminished and thus you will feel tired and will not be able to participate in sexual interaction.

  7. Chronic medical conditions: If you have got any chronic diseases or health issues, then also your sex life will get interrupted and you will not have the desire to have sex.

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