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Hi Everyone!

I am Dr. Avaneesh Hasiza, General and laparoscopic surgeon at Utkarsh Specialty Clinic, Gurgaon. So, today I will talk about hernia. Hernia is a gap between the abdominal wall muscles. Through this gap, the content inside the abdomen comes out and present as the hernia. What are hernias? This happens due to the weakness of the abdominal wall muscles. There are many types of hernia but the most common hernias are Inguinal hernia which occurs in the groin area either right, or left or on both sides. Other common type is an umbilical hernia which occurs in the umbilical. Next is incisional hernia which occurs in the abdominal scars sue to abdominal surgery.

Around 20% of abdominal surgeries lead to hernia. What are the symptoms of hernia? Patient will present as the swelling, groin, patient may or may not have the swelling. If hernia left untreated, it can lead to complications. It can lead to irreversible hernia and if it remains there, it can lead to obstruction in intestine. It may also lead to poor blood supply of intestine and that is called strangulated hernia. What is the content which comes out of the abdominal cavity. So, the most common is the intestine or fat.

So, whenever you feel selling you can contact to a surgeon. Because if it is left so, it can lead to complications. So, surgery can be done in 2 ways. We give a cut in the muscles and we divide the muscles and then hernia is repaired. Now, this can be done with laparoscopy. If you have query regarding hernia, you can connect me. You can contact me at Utkarsh Specialty Clinic, Gurgaon or through Lybrate.

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