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Last Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Know More About Common Skin Problems

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Dr. Kavita MehndirattaDermatologist • 25 Years Exp.MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, DVD


I am Dr. Kavita Mehndiratta, dermatologist in Faridabad. Today we will talk about one of the common skin problems is heat rash. Normally the children of various ages develop such kind of conditions. This is because of excessive sweating and the blockage of pores and the only solution is applying calamine lotion and giving antihistaminic to the patient. Otherwise, if you have severe heat rash, then consult your skin doctor. Another common problem is ringworm. The ringworm is not due to worm but it is called ringworm formation of ring-shaped lesions and mainly it is due to the fungal infection which is present on the skin. And keep yourself dry as much as possible because the fungal infection grows in during sweating. And the only treatment is to take antifungals and consult the skin doctors. Don't apply steroids in case of ringworm otherwise, that will increase the increase in the severity of the condition.

You will get temporary relief with that but steroid is not the option. Then another common skin condition is Chicken Pox Rash. In chickenpox, patient develops usually vesicular fluid-filled lesions and when these lesions fade away, they leave the rashes after that. But if the patient takes care of the lesions then it won't develop into the rashes. So, consult the doctor whenever you have chicken pox or apply simple calamine lotion and moisturizing creams so that you should not develop the rashes after that. Then we can say another condition is Eczema. Eczema is generally aggravating in the during the changing weather whenever the season is dry then the patient tries to develop these eczemas more commonly. The simple solution is to moisturize the lesions, moisturize the old lesions and if you develop new lesions, then take medications. Another problem in this season especially is itchy back.

The usually the kid's complaint of itchy back in winters as well as the changing weather. So, apply good medicated moisturizing cream in the itchy back that is very common disease and many patients used to develop in this kind of season. Then one of the common disease in children is Impetigo. And normally the fluid-filled lesions develop around the mouth, chest and then it can spread to all over the body. Mainly the hygiene should be maintained in such kind of lesions and you should wash kids' hands properly and maintain the hygiene and apply the antibiotic cream over these lesions. Do not apply steroid over any lesion. And one of another disease we can talk about is contact dermatitis.

These days the usually the patients come with contact dermatitis due to dyes, due to any food. So, dyes are the dyes contain chemicals. So, these are the most common agents for the contact dermatitis in adults normally, adults of any age. So, apply them precautionary and if you develop such kind of lesions then take treatment properly and then leave that salt even. And in case if you develop contact dermatitis then apply then leave that food because the sometimes some food may contain preservatives. I hope you found this video useful for you and if you found any problem and you want to consult me then you can consult me at my clinic in Faridabad and or at the

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