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Know More About Acne

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Acne - Causes, types and treatment

Hello friends myself Professor Dr. Rashid Akhtar, doctor teaching Origin of medicines since last 14 years. Today our topic is Acne.

Acne is inflammation of skin, inflammatory skin disease especially inflammation of sebaceous gland. This inflammatory disease is nowadays affecting almost eighty percent population of our country especially the age group of 12 to 14 and most commonly in adolescence age group. The causes of these inflammations varies from simple physiological condition to environmental conditions related to endocrynal conditions as well as certain dietary or lifestyle conditions.

The types of acne varies from acne simple, acne Rosaceae, acne keloid and other types related to hormonal releases. Some systemic diseases are also related to this acne problem. Treatment of acne if it is due to lifestyle conditions then we have to improve our diet exercise and water intake. This condition improves acne in those conditions where environmental conditions are required. Certain acne is related to age where at certain age of adolescence when hormonal changes occurs acne frequently appears and it goes away with the age and especially persist for one year.

While certain times it disappears itself, Certain type which leads to complications, mostly treatment is required when these acne persist as well as if this acne produces some later effects. Treatment of acne in homeopathy if it is in inflammation and painful is simple. Arnica Montana is one of the very best medicine. if it is associated with conditions which leaves marks after acne then Thuja Occidentalis is important medicine. But those acne which are related to hormonal conditions they should be treated by proper homeopathic consultations because which requires correction of systemic conditions. If we are not treating properly with the correction of systemic conditions then this acne is one of the indication of future hormonal troubles especially in females these are one of the indicative of at adolescence age.

These are the indicative of PCOD. Polycystic ovarian disease and polycystic ovarian conditions are especially when thyroid hormones and ovarian diseases are together. They are involved, they produces initially acne then here on the face and disturbance of menses. If we are taking it seriously with proper homeopathic systemic disease and we treat it with accordingly the directions of chronic disease. Then we can prevent the future coming of PCOS and PCOD.

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