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Hi, I am Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, Dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon from MedLinks, New Delhi. I have been covering a very important condition today, which is called acne and this is one of the most common skin conditions globally, around 95% of people they have acne any point of time. So question is what causes acne, well the multiple reasons for acne the most common are the hormonal changes in the body that changed in the oil production by the stem cells and as a result this extra sebum this clogs our pores, combine with the dead cells and the infection by the bacteria which reside in the skin acne occurring selfless. There are multiple types of acne, acne is not a single disease there are more than 14 types of acne, the common words are called as acne vulgaris then we have comedones acne in common language we call as black and white heads and then there are severe cops of acne called as nodular acne. Acne is not a limited to teenagers, acne are also seen in adult women and this is matter of embarrassment and these kind of reasons which are seen in adult common may be a sign of underline hormonal problem. The question is why acne should be treated, the answer is, if acne are not treated they can lead to scarring and scarring is permanent. So the old myth that acne goes with the time that is correct but acne do not go without leaving that memories. They go but they leave their memories of scars and the soul water of treatment of acne is to prevent the scarring. So it is better to prevent acne and treat them on time rather than keep on fit in the scars because of improper treatment. What are the treatment options of acne? So acne treatment depends on the type of acne, the age of the patient and the severity. So mild acne that treated by certain face washes, the certain creams, retinoids, topical Balzoltociled certain face washes to reduce the oil production and de clogged the pores, but in moderate to severe cases we required oral medications and certain specialised therapies. At MedLinks we have a specialised, customised treatment for acne to name the few we have a signature treatment called as acne buster, acne buster treatment begins with the proper cleansing of the face with the some steam to the face to make the comedones get soften, we do thorough comedones extraction and then we do certain anti-acne peels to de clogged the pores to reduce the sebaceous lakes activity and to cause some exfoliation so that the complexion and the spots created by they also get better over the mean of time. For severe acne and specially the adult acne which are seen in women, we have a fantastic treatment called as carbon facial. The carbon facial is a very popular treatment globally and it uses acute switch and the lasers on the face to target adult acne and this treatment first apply carbon lotion on the face then with quacy long pills, we melt this carbon so that it can penetrate the pores and then with this quasi-CW laser we target this pigment which is concentrated in the sebaceous gland, so that we can directly target the gland and reduce its sebaceous activity. So this treatment is known to give very good results in adult women without the need of long term uses of contraceptives. By using these sophisticated treatments, we can treat acne on time and minimising the damage caused by these acne. So what are waiting for if there acne we have solutions and we have solutions for everybody, these are safe US FDA approved and they do not have any long term or short term side effects. Thank you.

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