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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Kidney Transplant

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Dr. Siddhesh DhaygudeNephrologist • 25 Years Exp.MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, DNB - General Medicine, DNB - Nephrology

Hi! I am Dr Siddhesh Dhaygude, Nephrologist. Today I will talk about kidney transplant. For kidney transplant, we take out the kidney from the live donor or cadaver kidney donor which is then implanted inside the patient. The success rate of the operation is 95%. After treatment, we can stop dialysis and the patient goes back to the normal lifestyle. Donor safety is first. So, we evaluate the donor before accepting them. We need to make sure that the donor is not going to have the problem in future life. During the procedure, we give an immunosuppressive drug which needs to be continued till the kidney is functioning. On average the hospital stay is for 7-10 days. Treatment is either laparoscopic or open donor nephrectomy. Post-transplantation, we do a certain test to check the patient's health. We do a urine test, blood test etc. The patient requires regular clinical follow-up. Monitoring of drug dosage is required. Life of the kidney depends upon the match of the donor. Regular medications also give a good result. Age of the donor is also an important factor which we need to consider. Thank You!

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