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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Just What Is the Best Time to Go to Sleep?

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Dr. Anju VohraHomeopathy Doctor • 32 Years Exp.B.H.M.S ( Mumbai) (Silver Medalist), Certificate In Gyn and Obstetric
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What is the best time to sleep?

This is one of those questions which bother many and sundry. Considering the different sleep schedules which different people might develop as a result of their work or other reasons, the correct answer is roughly around 10 p.m. It is good to follow a proper sleeping schedule so that you go to bed and wake up at the same time almost every single day. The body's internal clock or the circadian rhythm is linked to the cycle of the sun. Technically, it is better to wake up with the sun as it has a number of benefits for the human body.

The quality of sleep is known to be influenced by how late you retire for the night. The quality of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep tends to decrease if you go to sleep late. There is another type of sleep which is known as non REM sleep; this is a deeper state of sleep. The non REM sleep helps in revitalizing the body and leaves you energized once you wake up. Sleeping late at night is linked to higher levels of REM sleep, which might not be very beneficial for your physical or mental health.

If you go to bed late at night, you will experience more of the lighter REM sleep. This may lead to fatigue and restlessness the following day. It is also been shown that going to bed late and sleeping less than the usual eight hours is linked with problems in blood sugar levels and decline in cognitive function. It also raises your risks of high blood pressure.

Exposure to radiation from your cellphones or the glare from your computer screen before going to sleep may also affect the quantity and quality of your sleep. Make sure you eat a light dinner consisting of salads. Eating a heavy dinner before going to bed may cause digestive problems, thus impairing your sleep. Also make sure to exercise on a regular basis as it releases various hormones in the body that help in improving your overall wellbeing.


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