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It s Okay To Meet A Psychologist - The Indian Perspective!

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Post Graduate in Rehabilitation Psychology, MA Clinical Psychology, BA Applied Psychology
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It s Okay To Meet A Psychologist - The Indian Perspective!

Going to see a mental health expert in India today is a taboo, in a country like India people avoid talking about mental health, they fear that they will be judged and mocked by society. There are some people who are not ready to accept that they are going through something traumatic due to fear that they will be judged or if it's okay to discuss their feelings to anyone.

Majority of the disorders are treatable in this modern century, with so many treatments coming up with a variety as well. It takes courage drawn from about 10 people, for one person to admit that he is not well, he is not normal; there is something wrong with his thoughts, but what some people don’t understand is that the key to curing oneself starts with the acceptance of one’s disorder. If only you accept after the consultation of the psychologist. Self-diagnosis is dangerous because the person himself is not aware of the symptoms he possesses, also the treatment is a tricky part which has to be done by a mental health expert.

A psychologist is a professional who is well aware of all the disorders and their symptoms. They can differentiate well between the symptoms of one disorder to the other. A common person on the other hand bases their knowledge based on Google and what other people say.

Whatever the discomfort or the disorder might be, some people always relate it to studies, affairs, normal tension, or the most viral and common phrase which is used widely in India that “It’s nothing”, “Probably just a normal headache” and the third one “Everything wrong seems to happen to you only”

Yes, agreed that things appear normal on the surface but what about the person who is going through trauma, the anxiety and the distress. They only are well aware of their situation and what’s going on in their head. What kind of thoughts are they bombarded with?

This article is to provide the light on the darkest days that going to a psychologist takes a lot of courage. It means that the person is accepting that something is wrong with them; it means that they want to be alright and be happy again. It takes more courage to come forth that the person who sits at the back and judges.

No one has the right to judge anyone as long as you haven’t been in the same situation as the other person. Everyone is different and are blessed with different abilities. Someone said that it is always okay when it is not happening to you.

Empathizing is a huge deal when you put yourself in that person s shoes who hasn’t slept for 2 nights, the person who is suffering day in and day out.

It’s not forbidden, it’s not something people will frown upon, because you are doing this for your own mental health. When you’ll look back you’ll see that oh I was afraid of this? Look how far I’ve come now. It doesn’t matter because it only shows that you were strong enough to withstand a storm.

Also, the people who criticize the ones who suffer, all there is to say that imagine yourself going through traumatic situations and not being able to explain what is happening or why is it happening. Imagine everyone making fun of you, making a mockery out of your misery. The grass is always greener on the outside, peep on the inside and you’ll see for yourself. Help is always provided to the ones who need it it’s just a matter of going to a mental health expert.

It’s not always that when someone suffers from a breakup has to go to a psychologist; there are other reasons as well. The spectrum of problems in a person’s life is very vast. It can regarding a woman’s mother in law, troubling children, hectic work and school life, troubles in getting along with wife, husband, sister, brother, parents, friends etc. Also, when a person suffers from long persisting headaches, when they get angry very fast when people are not able to sleep at night, and the thoughts which occur in their minds.

People want answers and want to know what they are suffering from, visiting a psychologist would be a good idea to gain knowledge and to seek answers to the questions which are there in your head. There are plenty of reasons why a person visits a psychologist, apart from the above-listed reasons career counseling is also one reason, marriage counseling, school counseling.

There isn’t any need to fear that the psychologist would judge you, they are in their seats to solve the problems of others, to help them so judging is out of the question. Also, they have their oath of confidentiality where they are not allowed to share the details and all the secrets one has shared with full trust. A person can vent out anything he or she wishes to share.

It is a taboo and a thing to be frowned upon in India, but the change begins with us. Mahatma Gandhi once said that “Change begins with you.” In the end, only you and you have the stand and make eye contact with yourself in the mirror, not the ones who mocked you, not the ones who judged you, not the ones who didn’t understand you, but just YOU.


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