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Is E-cigarette Better Than Smoking?

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Is E-cigarette Better Than Smoking?


Relentless campaigning by both the government and NGOs has finally made people realize that smoking can be destructive for their lungs and pulmonary system. Ever since this awareness has spread, people are junking cigarettes and turning to E-cigarettes instead. What is an E-cigarette? An electronic cigarette is a device that resembles a normal cigarette. It runs on batteries. An E-cigarette expels puffs of vaporized nicotine or a non-nicotine solution. This is called vaping. Though it does not burn tobacco, it gives the user the same sensation as smoking a cigarette. E-cigarettes were introduced to be a safer substitute for cigarettes and turn people away from smoking.

What about Nicotine Content?

Some E-cigarettes are absolutely nicotine free. However, many varieties that claim to contain zero nicotine actually contain trace amounts of it. Typically, the nicotine content of E-cigarettes varies from 0-34 mg.

A regular cigarette, on the other hand, can contain anything from 8-12 mg of nicotine. Therefore, you cannot really say that an E-cigarette will reduce your nicotine exposure. Vaping may introduce nicotine into your system.

Is E-cigarette better than smoking?

E-cigarettes have many downsides and it really should be avoided. Here are a few ways E-cigarettes can harm you –

• E-cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine can lead to addiction, which is very hard to shrug off.

• The nicotine in E-cigarettes can damage your lungs because it contains a chemical called diacetyl, which can have a terrible impact on your lungs • When young people binge on E-cigarettes, it can impede the development of their brains

• If pregnant women vape, then it will have a detrimental effect on the foetus and impede its development

• E-cigarettes that use tobacco can be carcinogenic, which means they will increase your risk of contracting cancer in the future

• These cigarette substitutes also contain Volatile Organic Compounds and many heavy metals such as nickel, lead and tin. These contaminants enter your bloodstream when you smoke an E-cigarette.

• Even passive smoking can be dangerous. If you smoke an E-cigarette near others, their bodies too will absorb the toxins through the skin and eyes.

• Using E-cigarettes is also linked to other forms of addiction such as alcoholism or substance abuse

• It can cause behavioural changes as well Therefore, we can safely conclude that contrary to popular belief, smoking an E-cigarette is in no way safer than puffing on a regular one.

Actually, 14 puffs of an E-cigarette will equal one cigarette. In terms of drops of the E-liquid, one drop equal to seven puffs. Therefore, two drops will be the same as one cigarette.

E-cigarettes may be a rage right now, but research shows that it comes with its own set of adverse effects. All forms of smoking are harmful, including vaping.

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