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Importance Of Sex

Written and reviewed by
Dr.Sudhir Bhola 90% (1282ratings)
MD - Alternate Medicine, BAMS
Sexologist, Gurgaon  •  21years experience
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Hello! This is Dr. Sudhir Bhola. Today I would like to share some information regarding the importance of sex in our life. Here in India, unfortunately, sex has got only importance up to having children. This is not good and this is not true. Actually, sex is as important as having food. Food gives nourishment to our body whereas sex that is to be more specific, ejaculation in case of men and orgasms in case of women is nourishment to not only body but our mind as well. 90% of the people I see are having the guilt of masturbation. They say we have done masturbation, we were into bad habit, we were into bad company, this, that because mostly all the children they get into this first ejaculation that is accidental.

When they enjoy it, they do it again and again. Now again this is lack of knowledge. What is good and what is bad for it? In fact, how frequently you do that matters a lot and how you do it is again a matter of concern. If you do it in a wrong way, that is by rubbing your organ against the bed or rubbing it by just your fingers is very fatal and it can lead to permanent impotence. It can damage your corpus cavernosum, which is a spongy tissue, which gets an erection. At the same time, overindulgence into masturbation that is too frequent masturbation leads to premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is caused mainly because of masturbation. Over and excessive masturbation.

Now I will like to tell what is the right way of masturbation. It is very simple. You have to stroke it to and fro as if you are penetrating the vagina. That is the way you should do the masturbation and you will never have erectile dysfunction due to masturbation. Well, what is the good and healthy frequency of masturbation? That is the best thing is once a week or at the most twice a week. That is quite healthy, it is not going to harm you. But at the same time, I would like to tell you one thing that vaginal intercourse has got no substitute that is the best.

One more thing I would add to today’s discussion, that is why do people go for marriage too late? So one should consider getting married at the right age so that you should get proper sexual intercourse. Actually, we suffer due to lack of knowledge, and proper knowledge about whatever the subject is there, and in this case, it is sex and its knowledge. But here it is kudos to lybrate, it is coming up really fast and is helping a lot of patients and rather who are not even patients but they consider they are suffering from any kind of disease. So anybody has any kind of queries can get in touch with me through Lybrate.

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