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Importance Of Mental Health

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Dr. Sadiya Qureshi 91% (34 ratings)
Post Graduate Diploma In Psychotherapy & Counseling, B.A (Psychology)
Psychologist, Thane  •  9 years experience
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This is Sadiya Qureshi. I am a counseling psychologist as well as a relaxation therapist. Today I will speak about the mental health and the importance of it. Mental health is equally as important as your physical health. When you are down with diabetes or kidney stone or any other problem related to your physical body, we turn up to the doctor and we go through the different variety of test. But when mental health strikes us down or mood swings or depression, we tend to hide these things from others. We don't try to seek help. Most people have this notion that "log mujhe pagal bolenge".

But that's not true. It is equal for a man and a woman. We hear that women are more prone to the mental disorder. Again, that is not true. You need to seek advice. Aisa nhi hai ki unsuccessful log hi mental professional ke pass jate hain. People with the high flying job, who have successful married life, even you are a celebrity, you strike down with any of these disorders. So, important is to give attention on yourself.

There is various treatment for that. It is not only about medications. You have counseling, therapies, various sessions where you can just get out of the face of life. People interchange the term of depression and sadness. Whenever you are sad for a period of time, you generally come up with saying ki mujhe depression ho gya hai. Because you just browsing on the internet and you, yourself become a doctor. That is not right. There are various symptoms which shows that you are in depression.

You do not feel like eating, finding any activity pleasurable. You do not sleep well. That's need to get treated to come out of it. People say thoda sa sad and depressed hai, apne aap thik ho jayega. Apne aap chizen thik nhi hoti hai. You need to seek help for that. There are other disorders like ADHD which happens with kids. People generalise that also and say, han bacha hai, sharati hai, mastikhor hai, padayi me islia dhyan nhi lgta hai and they are OK about it. That's not true. Find out those reasons why he is not attentive. Seek the help and try to help the kid. This video is only about to spread the awareness about the mental health. It is as important as physical health. Please seek help and also help others.

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