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How to Treat Cuts and Bruises With Homeopathy

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Homeopath, Surat  •  11 years experience
How to Treat Cuts and Bruises With Homeopathy

Cuts and bruises, which you may get from a wide variety of sources, is one of the most commonly overlooked issues that many of you face on a regular basis. Cuts and grazes can be treated easily with homeopathy.

There are many great homeopathic remedies, which deal with pain, inflammation and the general healing process. Here they are.

  1. Arnica: Arnica is an excellent remedy when you have a bruise on your body. It helps reduce the swelling as well as the pain, in whichever part of the body you have swelling on. However, it is worth noting that Arnica does not help much with muscle pain. 
  2. Hypericum: It is worth note that arnica works best on parts of the body which do not have as many nerve endings. For example, the legs and arms are excellent places to administer arnica and it works very well there. However, it is worth note that arnica is not as good with parts of the body which have many nerve endings. This is where Hypericum comes in. Bruises to the fingers, toes and spinal cord heal better with Hypericum than they do with arnica.
  3. Calendula: Calendula is a medicine,  which can be applied as a tincture. A tincture is when a medicine is dissolved in alcohol. Apart from a tincture, Calendula can also be used as a cream, spray or gel. It can heal shallow cuts very rapidly in all of these forms.
  4. Millefolium: Millefolium is the best homeopathic remedy when there is excessive bleeding and the wound is not clotting properly. 
  5. Staphisagria: This is another medicine used for cuts. However, it is worth noting that Staphisagria is a very good medicine when it comes to treating cuts which are deep or have a stinging sensation.

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