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How To Replace Missing Tooth?

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How To Replace Missing Tooth?
How To Replace Missing Tooth?

Dental bridge versus dental implants:
So basically, you have two options to replace your missing tooth and wondering which one would be better.

Let's talk about dental bridges.

1) no surgical procedure.
2) teeth can be replaced within a few days. It usually takes 3-7 working days to get it prepared from lab followed by placement. So it's less time-consuming.
3) usually affordable.
4) no anxiety or psychological trauma to patient.

Fixed prosthetic replacement.

1) to replace one missing tooth, two natural and healthy teeth are to be involved. And that's not what most of the dentists prefer because well, nothing compares to natural teeth. There is no point in trimming a healthy tooth.
2) post-treatment sensitivity can be seen in some cases.
3) in future, if one of the teeth supporting the bridge gives up (due to periodontal or any other etiology), the whole bridge would require replacement.
4) it requires the presence of teeth which are strong enough to bear the load. If adjacent teeth are mobile as well, bridge can't be placed.

Now, dental implants,


1) there is no involvement of adjacent teeth.
2) fixed and permanent prosthetic solution for missing tooth.
3) no reliability upon adjacent teeth.
4) high tolerance to forces comparatively.

1) patient has to undergo a surgical procedure.
2) not easily affordable. That's one of the biggest reasons that people refrain from going for this option.

So what should one choose? I rather suggest dental implants. Now the final call should be yours.

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