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CBCT Scan - Double FOV Test

CBCT Scan - Double FOV Test

A CBCT Scan- Double or known as cone beam computed tomography is a special type of x-ray which is done when the normal dental or facial x-rays do not show the required result. It is not done regularly as the exposure of radiation from this scanner is quite more than the normal dental x-rays. In CBCT Scan- Double the CBCT is done twice that is one in done with the radiographic guide and bite index in the mouth and the second one scan is done of the radiographic guide which is placed on the chin holder in the same place where it was in the patient's mouth during the first scan. This scan produces a 3D cross-sectional image which gives a more clear view.

For the CBCT Scan- Double you do not require much preparation. You just need to have a prior appointment with a doctor who has the particular machine which can conduct this scan. To the more, while going for the scan don't wear any jewelry Do remove all the facial jewelry such as earrings, nose pin, etc. If you wear dentures, you will be required to remove that before the scan.

CBCT SCAN- Double is basically conducted by a dentist. Usually, there are normal scans but in case of a serious problem the CBCT Scan- Double is preferred. This scan is useful for:- Dental implant planning- Managing impacted teeth Root canal treatments To check the bone of the facial structure To get a clear image of teeth, soft tissues and nerve pathways in a single scan.

In the CBCT Scan- Double, the scan is conducted twice. In the first round, the scan is done by placing the radiographic guide and a bite index in his/her mouth. While the second scan is conducted by the radiographic guide only. It is placed on the chin holder at the exact same position where it was placed earlier in the mouth of the patient. The procedure takes a little more time and is costly if compared with the other types of scans which are conducted. While opting for this scan takes an appointment with a trained person. If a lab technician is there and he is not very clear in the process, he might end up doing wrong and you have to pay extra to get it done the second time.

Rs 500- Rs 2000

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