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How To Prevent Fungal Infection?

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Hello! I’m Dr. Siddheshwar, I m a dermatologist.

Today in this video I will tell you about how to prevent fungal infection? Fungal infections are very common nowadays, especially in summers. This is a very contagious infection. Usually, in this infection, we get around ring like itchy rashes on the body. It is very common in areas where sweating happens more. So groin is the first and foremost common area and from that particular area , the infection spreads to other body parts. Fungal infections are very contagious. This spreads from people to people.

The groin is the most common area, through the scratching or through the frequent touching of that particular part it can spread to our other body parts. And through the sharing of towels, sharing of bed sheets clothes it spreads to the other family members. So family members are usually at risk. If a person acquires this kind of fungal infection he needs to follow some tips to prevent it or to cure it so that it won’t spread to the contacts. So he has to take bath 2-3 times in a day.

His clothes should be washed separately in hot water. It should be dried in the sunlight and it should be ironed inside out before wearing. This helps to prevent the infection to the family members. The second common area is the feet. To prevent the feet fungal infection , one should wear cotton socks and leather shoes. And socks should be changed regularly. Don’t follow the advice from friends or chemists. Usually, it leads to inadequate treatment and due to this , complications can happen.

To treat the fungal infection , both oral and local application methods are available. Usually, fungal infection takes a longer duration of treatment to cure permanently. If you feel better don’t stop the medicines in between that lead to inadequate treatment and elapses are more common. To know more about the fungal infection or to book an appointment with me you can contact me through

Thank you!

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