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How To Increase Metabolic Rate?

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Dt. Ms. Janvi Chitalia 87% (46 ratings)
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Specialist In Fitness Nutrition, PG Diploma In Weight Management
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  18 years experience
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I am Dt. Janvi Chitalia, Dietitian/Nutritionist. I will talk about the 10 ways to increase the metabolic rate by sitting at home and finding the right food from your kitchen. 1st ingredient is ginger. We know the usage of ginger but still we do not know how powerful it is. Boil 1/3 of ginger in water and boil it till the time it gets half, drink that water empty stomach in the morning and that will help in increasing metabolic rate. 2nd ingredient is garlic. It is a powerful ingredient and helps in burning fat. 7 more times fat burning effect has been seen in raw garlic. Have it in an empty stomach. It helps you maintain your blood pressure and cholesterol level. 3rd ingredient is turmeric.

Pinch of haldi in warm water at bed time helps in reducing the inflammation from the body. Inflammation promotes the fat gain or does not help you in losing weight. 4th ingredient is cinnamon. Best time to have it at bed time and with warm water. It is an excellent ingredient to manage blood sugar level. So, all the people who have the issue with insulin resistance or diabetes, this is the great ingredient to add that in and it will also increase your metabolic rate. 5th ingredient to have vitamin-D3 sources. It is available in maximum quantity in animal products. We all have vitamin D3 deficiency. If you have less vitamin-D3 in your body, there are chances that one can gain weight on stomach.

Check you D3 level on regular basis. 6th ingredient to have vitamin-B supplements. Your carbohydrates get better if you are having vitamin-B supplements. 7th ingredient is green tea. It helps in improving your skin and hair. It makes you feel better and fresher. Have it 2-3 time in small quantity rather than just having a big cup of green tea at once. If you want any further information or want to consult with me, find me on

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