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How Psychotherapy Can Help You Know Yourself?

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MSc in Applied Psychology, MSc Health Psychology, PGCTC, PGC (Family Therapy)
Psychologist, Mumbai  •  19years experience
How Psychotherapy Can Help You Know Yourself?

'Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.' --- Buddha 

Every morning we get up and have a list of things in our mind to complete during the day. Some people have the list ready in their mind, some are trying to figure out that in which direction they should move and some are at peace because they believe whatever comes their way, they are ready to take it up with positivity. With such different thinking patterns we begin our day but how many of us are able to think about the feeling that we have in the morning when we get up from the bed? Do we ever try and give attention to it? Are we feeling happy, sad, loved, aggressive, tensed, anxious, scared, or probably no emotion at all? If everything at our emotional level is healthy and going smooth, its great. But what if some of us are not at peace from the past couple of weeks, something or the other keeps on bothering, maybe one is stressed or tensed and due to this the person may stop the work or start feeling loaded, or just shatter and drag every day to complete the task. And slowly the person starts experiencing and feel one's emotions.  

Slowly, these emotions start ruling us and we behave in the way our current emotions wants us to behave. We may get tearful or cry for no reason by watching a simple commercial advertisement, reading something in a magazine or any other social networking website which emotionally tug the heartstrings. This shows that we are so full from within that we are not able to process the situation and associated feelings and it comes out of eyes as tears.  

There may be times when a person starts thinking negatively about oneself, others and is not able to use the tools during the day to fight with negativity and is in a vulnerable state. And, may suddenly start to think about death or dying or committing suicide. Why such thought is even arriving in the mind as an option? Usually, these thoughts are not always there in one's mind, they just come and go but each time they push us towards darkness. In order to get away with such feelings, there are people who tend to use any substance, be it a drug or alcohol, so as to free their conscious mind from the tornado of thoughts. And we keep on delaying the need to look at our emotions, feelings and thoughts. 

One fine day comes and the person plans to 'talk it out' to the best friend or one close relative and it makes the person feel settled as the other person has given a sound listening. But again after a few days, one gets this feeling that he or she is still stuck. Sometimes, friends or relatives are too close to our situation and they may not be honest with you because they are empathetic towards you, they have a fear that if they utter out the truth, you will no longer be in touch or simply you may feel bad.  

In such a situation, one needs to realize that it is now time to seek professional help from a Clinical Psychologist or a Psychotherapist. It is like, once in your life you can be completely honest to another human being who is trained to deal with the emotions with care and is not going to affect anything in your life.

Getting into therapy is not about if something traumatic has happened in your life, even if you are generally unhappy, sometimes that is a problem because you do not have to live like this forever. It helps you find things about yourself as it forces you to examine the why's and hence untie the tied knots of your mind. Therapy is all about self-discovery, it is not about what wrong you have done in your life or this is what you need to fix, it is about looking inward and finding things on your own along with slowing down the chaos that one lives.  

Psychotherapy can be helpful for any person of any age, like somebody may have lack of confidence, difficulty in making friends, doubts about growing up, body image, inferiority complex, difficulty in making connections with people, public speaking, anxiety due to divorce or separation, setting new goals, marriage, being productive, deal with guilt, fear, commitment, multiple relationships, loneliness and much more.

Sometimes, there are people who want to come out of their shell because endlessly they are being labelled as 'Introverts' by society. But there is always a question involved, What will other's think about me if I seek help from any mental health professional? Am I not able enough to deal with my own problems? Am I Mad that I want to seek therapy? Usually, when a person has problem in kidney, stomach ache, fever, throat infection, they are easily able to visit a medical professional and simultaneously talk about it with others but what if one is struggling with one's own thoughts, negative emotions and thinking in every possible direction or not able to think at all if that person wants to seek help from a mental health professional, the person feels hesitated in even telling it to the family members.

Sometimes, the family members overreact, deny and may not understand what one is going through and may give solutions to eat properly, sleep, exercise, be positive and forget whatever has happened. They are still okay if the neighbour is taking such kind of professional help and they do not want the pathology to enter into their house but they don't know that it is already there. It is all about acceptance and being open to the fact that anybody may require psychotherapy for any reason they come across in their lives which they are unable to handle or if something is making their life unfulfilling or slow. So, Thank you for being a patient reader and next time if you meet somebody, whom you can sense require some form of help, encourage that person positively to visit a clinical psychologist or any mental health professional.

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