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How Professionals Can Take Care Of Their Eyes?

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How Professionals Can Take Care Of Their Eyes?

Technology is both boon and bane. Most jobs nowadays are partially automated, and it has become necessary for many to work long hours on the computer. If you are one such person, then you might be experiencing one or many symptoms related to eyes. The eye muscles get fatigued when eyes stare on the computer screen for a long time, and this can cause a host of eye problems. Referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), the condition can range from eye pain to problems with eyesight.

The following is a short account of a few simple but effective measures that you can follow to avoid eye problems caused by extensive use of computers.

  1. Simple Tips to Follow: Eye care regimen should be followed by everyone, but special care needs to be taken by the individuals who always work on the computers and has to look on the screen at all the times. The current digital age has greatly altered the way we use our eyes. Here are a few simple tips you can follow in this regard.
  2. Take Eye Breaks: You should make it a point to turn your eyes away from the screen of the computer for giving a break to the eyes. While working at the computer, it is to be made sure to take a break every 20 minutes and look away at least 20 feet for a duration of about 20 seconds. This is more popularly known as the 20 – 20 Rule and very helpful for the eyes.
  3. Frequent Blinking: Frequent blinking leads to spread of tear film. It might happen that you need to stare at the screen of the computer for a long period of time which denies you of taking any kind of breaks. In this situation, it is recommended that you should blink more frequently which is beneficial for the health of the eyes.
  4. Use Eye Drops: This can be another healthy tip for maintaining good and healthy eyes. Using the eye drops for the eyes which are actually artificial tears or eye lubricants which play a crucial role in reducing the strain in the eyes always keeping the eyes hydrated. One point is to be remembered here is that the eye drops should be used after consultation with an ophthalmologist so that no side effects arise later on.
  5. Using Computer Glasses: The individuals who heavily use computers can use single vision glasses for creating a gap between the eyes and the screen of the computer. A minimum of 30 inches from the eye is required. This can have a significant impact on the health of the eyes.
  6. Orthoptic Exercises: Certain types of muscle imbalances (forms of strabismus) can be improved with eye exercises. This form of therapy is called orthoptic therapy. The most common disorders that respond to orthoptic therapy are convergence insufficiency and intermittent exotropia.
  7. Anti-glare Screens: Anti-glare glasses can certainly help you work from your laptop screen more comfortably, but you can also protect your eyes by adjusting the screen so it's in a good position for your eye line. Remember to give your eyes a break every now and then by focusing on something in the distance. 

Apart from these practices, adopting healthy lifestyle habits such as eating a balanced diet, exercising, quitting smoking and wearing sunglasses while out can help preserve eye health in general. Also, it is essential to undergo regular eye check up to catch any eye problems at its early stages.

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