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Last Updated: May 08, 2023

How Can Physiotherapy Help?

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I am Umar Khan. I am a strength trainer at heal institute. We have four centres: one in Khar, one in Andheri, one in Worli and one in Colaba. I am practicing strength and conditioning training at Colaba centre. Strength and conditioning services are something like you are training a person considering his or her basically current fitness level, age, movement’s pattern, his medical condition, injuries, day to day life activities.

Physiotherapy service is something like if you have any sports injury or pain if you have something like back pain, if you have shoulder pain, if you have knee pain okay or if you have something like injuries like osteoporosis, arthritis, tennis elbow or like spine issues that's what physiotherapy service needed and it helps to reduce your pain and to make you feel better in your day to day life activity. Sports massage services is something like if you have muscle tightness if your flexibility is weak if you have pain that's why basically massage is needed. Why? Because it helps to improve your blood flow in your body, overall basically the muscles and it helps in your day to day life activity to improve the mobility of the joint. Strength training is important.

Why? Because strength training helps to build up muscle mass and muscle mass helps to improve your day to day life activity. Take it as an example like if you are sitting on a floor and getting up or basically you are walking, you are climbing stairs for all those activities you need muscles and muscle is an active tissue, that's why you have to do strength training to improve your performance in your day to day life activity. Thank you for watching my video. You can contact us on


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